Saitama : A weekend getaway [golf, onsen and more!]

A while ago, the husband and i decided we needed a break from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo so we went away for the weekend
We drove to Chichibu, Saitama [a 2 hour drive from Tokyo] to a golf hotel resort πŸ˜€

How the room looks like: Its super roomy with a beautiful view.
The only problem was if you wanted one large bed, they dont have it. However they have rooms where they push the two beds together. [sorta becomes a king or queen bed XD?] I dislike such “put together” beds so we stuck with the twin beds XD

Their umeshu [plum wine] is excellent so do try it!

Steak for dinner!

There was no dessert but have no fear! we picked up some daifuku earlier that day!
Yakimanju is famous in gunma [where we were] so they had yakimanju flavored daifuku!

If you dont know what yakimanju is, you can check this blogpost
Yes sweet black miso paste flavoured with whipped cream. it was surprisingly good!

And for the rest of your stay, check out their facilities!
There are some that require a fee like the Mahjong Room, Karaoke Room and Water massage tubs. There is a HUGE indoor onsen with a beautiful view that is free to use for guests. [ i could soak in it all day]

The breakfast buffet [i was hungry ok]

And if you play golf, you should check out the course too!
You can enjoy a round of golf after you check out and eat lunch at their restaurant!

OR if you are a early riser, book an early tee time, play your golf, eat your breakfast buffet and have a soak in the onsen before you check out HEEHEE [my recommended itinerary]

Note: even if you dont play golf, you can stay there just like a hotel. πŸ˜€

How was your weekend?
XOXO Yumeko

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13 Responses to Saitama : A weekend getaway [golf, onsen and more!]

  1. Eve says:

    I’m a big fan of umeshu~ That breakfast buffer looks delicious. Does the hotel offer a variety of Western and Japanese selections in the buffet? I’ve always wonder, is golf popular in Japan?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      yup they had a bit of everything! mostly local produce

      its hard for me to say if its really popular [cos what determines it to be haha]
      but a lot of ppl play and they watch the golf on tv religiously
      and when i was in usa [i lived in ct for two years], there only seemed to be japanese ppl on the course hahahahahah

  2. Coffeecube says:

    That looks like fun! The indoor onsen sounds so relaxing~ And the daifuku is adorable (especially the box x3)

    And yeah, this season’s KO is so sad at some parts ;_; It’s definitely not like the first season, which was more comedic.

    Yep, his twin (the real ζ–·θ…ΈδΊΊ) was in Season 1. He was like the KO class’s helper, and he always wore that pink outfit and had a food stall where he’d tell really bad puns. XD He’s basically the really good counterpart to his evil twin (though I forget what significant roles he had…it’s been so long since KO One ^^; )

    • Bittenbefore says:

      lol at least it isnt integral to the plot so far so even if i dont know..doesnt matter haha
      the doctor confuses me. why is he speaking in japanese sometimes hahahhahahaha
      is the actor japanese? he looks japanese [omg he is so fair, i am jealous]

      yes the onsen is awesome! the view is great too since the golf course is hugeeeee and in the mountains

      • Coffeecube says:

        Yeah! I don’t understand why he randomly starts speaking Japanese either; they didn’t explain that at all. (The actor is in fact Japanese, though! I’m not familiar with him, but his name is 下村蒼史. Still doesn’t explain anything haha.)

        Waaah I want to go there now, instead of doing readings ;w; That view really does look beautiful~

        • Bittenbefore says:

          i dont know who he is either XD!! but he has a really nice smile i think!
          i like their super hot teacher too. she wears really nice clothes hahahah

      • Coffeecube says:

        The teacher’s so funny xD I like her hair~

        And omg I can’t believe KO is over already! O_O I thought it would go on for a bit longer…

  3. Tessa says:

    Wow that is one breakfast spread haha.

  4. Lucy Yelding says:

    I loooove umeshu! I love all things plum~ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    The breakfast buffet looks soooo good~
    The Yaki Manju looks really good, too! I might try to find some online πŸ˜€ or does it have to be fresh???

  5. Jen says:

    I never understood the appeal of golf until I took a golf class last year. Super fun (even though I suck hahahahahaha). That resort looks super awesome! Golf + food + onsen = heaven. Looooooovvveeeeeee onsen. I could boil myself in one forever.

  6. Sam says:

    That looks like fun! I always love how hotel rooms in Japan don’t look as generic and plain as ones in Australia.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      we got some weird ones indeed!
      the standard business hotels are similar to australia though albiet a heap smaller XD

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