Review: MUA Makeup Academy Extreme Metallics Quad Eyeshadow “Smokin” + swatches & EOTD

Late last year [ok August XD] MUA makeup academy [a makeup brand from the UK] had a massive free worldwide shipping promotion so i picked up a few things!
The prices are cheap and it only took 1 week to arrive in Tokyo from UK,despite the fact they were probably swamped with orders since they were having such a huge promotion.
Here’s what i bought!

As you can see, the bulk of my order were the new [ok new at that time] extreme metallics quad eyeshadows.
So i am going to review one of them today..finally XD
MUA Makeup Academy Extreme Metallics Quad Eyeshadow in “Smokin”
RRP: 3pounds [USD$4.70~]

The ingredients list

How it looks like on the inside

– Can be used wet or dry
– Amazing payoff, super pigmented
– Cheap and a lot of product for the price
– Easy to buy [worldwide shipping available]

– Only available instores [superdrug] in UK. so you cant swatch in person easily if you dont live there
– Plastic case has sharp corners [be careful]

Swatches [no primer, swatched dry]

Overall Thoughts
I like them! More often than not , whenever i purchase cheap cosmetics, they always have an extremely strong talcum/baby powder smell. [For eg. BYS] and i really hate that. These do not have that smell. And that is a pro for me. As advertised they are VERY pigmented and despite the fact all 4 colors in the quad are not separated they do not smudge together [how cool is that?] For this price, i say you have almost nothing to lose by trying them out!
I’m thinking about picking a few things up from MUA so if you have a suggestion or recommendation, let me know!

I took this photo with the front facing camera of my phone so its not great quality XD

Thanks for reading!!
XOXO Yumeko

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4 Responses to Review: MUA Makeup Academy Extreme Metallics Quad Eyeshadow “Smokin” + swatches & EOTD

  1. Kat says:

    I love that palette that you used! Those are definitely my kind of shades. Love the EOTD look that you did with it. Gorgeous as always.

  2. The colors look lovely. I love the high color payoff. I may actually check this brand out. Thanks for the review.

  3. Sam says:

    I know exactly what you mean about BYS! Love those colours.

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