DIY : Make your own customized magnetic makeup palette

A few months ago, I recieved a box of ONE PIECE chocolates. [They were bought in Taiwan]
 photo ONEPIECE-2_zpscee725b8.jpg
FYI ONE PIECE is a super popular anime/manga here in Japan.

The tin container it came in was super pretty so i decided to repurpose it by making it into a magnetic makeup palette.
 photo ONEPIECE-1_zps90f0cafa.jpg

Wanna make one? its super simple!
 photo ONEPIECE-5_zpscd290ef0.jpg

What you will need:
1. A container. Something flat would be the best. [Tip: an old CD case would work well!]
2. Magnetic Sheet [i got mine from Daiso]
3. Depotted Eyeshadows/Blush/Makeup
 photo ONEPIECE-1_zps475bcda0.jpg

Optional Step
Get rid of the chocolates.
If you dont eat chocolates [like me] you can give them to your loved ones. [Thanks hubs for eating them XD]
 photo ONEPIECE-3_zps135660da.jpg

Step 1: Trace around the container onto your magnetic sheet
 photo ONEPIECE-2_zpsc2d4855d.jpg

Step 2: Cut the magnetic sheet to size and fit it into your container. I did not use any adhesive for this step as it was a tight fit. If its not a tight fit in your container, try using some double sided tape.
 photo ONEPIECE-3_zps697e68e0.jpg

That’s it, you are done XD
 photo ONEPIECE-4_zps7f56e25a.jpg

Place your depotted goodies into it!
 photo ONEPIECE-5_zps7f48a18c.jpg

Ok i admit, its not the most complex tutorial ever and you probably didnt need one.
However i hope this inspires you to do something similar or keep a look out for containers you can recycle!

Have a fabulous weekend! [hey maybe this can be your weekend project!]
If you try this out, let me know how you go!!
XOXO Yumeko

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14 Responses to DIY : Make your own customized magnetic makeup palette

  1. Tessa says:

    Hehe I’d definitely reuse all pretty containers. But is this sturdy enough for travelling?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      i own many of the commercially made customized palettes and they are made in a similar way.
      so as long as you think those are sturdy enough, these will be too. 😀
      hope tat helps!

  2. Elle says:

    I love One Piece and makeup! It’s perfect! Hahaha great idea

  3. Ai says:

    Hi Yumeko!
    I actually did something very similar a couple years back with a metallic pencil case that I bought at the 100yen store! I still use it 🙂

  4. Sam says:

    great idea! I’ve been thinking of buying a z palette but this is a much more eco-friendly (and most importantly, cheaper!!!) option! Thanks Yumeko 🙂

  5. Kendall says:

    Such a great idea and so cute! Ive been thinking about depotting more of my eye shadows

  6. khatsii says:

    Awesome Idea! I love it 😀 The tin is uber awesome too 😀

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