Hakuhodo Travel Makeup Brush Set + i am off on holiday!

I am in the midst of packing my luggage for my flight later tonight [why do i leave everything to the very last minute?]
Realised i never showed you guys my travel makeup brushes so here they are
 photo IMG_8595_zps532718e7.jpg
Hakuhodo Travel Makeup Brush Set
[FYI, i love the makeup brushes Hakuhodo make and since i travel so much..it was a no brainer to buy their travel brushes too XD If you have not tried their brushes..you must! its a good investment!]

So where am i going?
Well I will be in Hong Kong for a few days before i go onto Australia for a few weeks to visit my in laws.
In the meantime i will be still be updating my blog but my replies to comments will be slow, hope thats ok!
Till next time
XOXO Yumeko

p.s follow me on instagram to see pictures of my travels! my username is yumeko55!

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13 Responses to Hakuhodo Travel Makeup Brush Set + i am off on holiday!

  1. @adesabrina says:

    Enjoy your holidays! HK is awesome for food.

    Btw, I bought the ANA X Hakuhodo spring limited edition makeup brush set (international route) on my way back from Japan last month. I thought long and hard during my entire trip about it and decided, heck im gonna get it on my way flight back. So glad i bought it cos it disappeared from the May/June 2013 inflight shopping catalogue! D:

  2. Ligi says:

    Have a great Holidays!

  3. Sam says:

    Have a lovely holiday – it is freezing down in Oz at the moment, stay warm!

  4. I also heard Hakuhodo makes amazing brushes. I’ve yet to try their brushes, but if I can find a store that carry brand, I’d really love to try it out.

    • Bittenbefore says:

      I think they go to those imats shows and sell online in USA? I think so anyway XD

  5. Mayumi says:

    Hi Yumeko,
    I don’t have any makeup brushes(I always use my finger!haha),so I’ll try them!
    Have a great holidays!!

  6. Petitez says:

    Are the brushes only available in Japan?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      Do you mean this brand or this set? This brand is sold online in USA too I believe :)

  7. Sandras says:

    Have a good vacation, and please post a lot of photos from Australia! I have not visited your blog for a long time. It is always so refreshing being here. I also visited your Instagram, and I love your pics.

    P.S. I adore Greek yoghurt as well. Chobani is okay, but not my favorite Greek yoghurt. Currently, I love Brown Cow and Noosa yoghurts. They are the best yoghurts I have ever eaten. <3

    • Bittenbefore says:

      I dont think I noticed those yogurts but I will hunt them down!!!
      Thanks for coming back up visit! Hope u can visit more or leave me a comment! Feel free to let me know anything or ask anything Here or Instagram :)!

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