Magazine : Taiwan ELLE X Paul & Joe + Giveaway winner

Picked this up whilst i was in Taipei
Taiwan ELLE
Ok i admit, i picked it up for the following reasons
1. The paul and joe pouch
2. Eddie Peng on the cover [i didnt know who he was but a friend of mine is a HUGE fan and asked me to bring this back for her. She let me keep the pouch XD]

Since she wanted me to keep the magazine in fairly pristine condition, i only took 2 pics from the magazine [sorry!]

Color trends forecast!
Ocean Blue
i have always been in love with this color and am glad to see more out now!

Trendy Gray
This is my IT color this season. Not so much for makeup but clothes and accessories.
Perhaps its time to move into these gorgeous makeup items too!

The pouch came in the most beautiful box!

Gorgeous pouch

Its really big! i have put a lipgloss [paul and joe of course XD] next to it for size comparison!

And thanks to everyone who joined my super mini giveaway.
Winner : Jeeyun Park of Richmond VA
Miss Park if you see this, please email me your address and i’ll send u the prize.

If you did not win, do not fret!
My annual big octoberfest giveaway is coming up next!!!

XOXO Yumeko

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8 Responses to Magazine : Taiwan ELLE X Paul & Joe + Giveaway winner

  1. ali says:

    here for the eddie.

    too cute!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      he looks cute in the magazine! but i dont know what he has been in

      • Pei qing says:

        He was in Cold War (u can watch in gooddrama . net) – I thought he was cute too, even though he wasn’t the lead. Aaron Kwok & Tony Leung Ka Fai was the lead. It’s a great movie!

  2. Jeeyun Park says:

    Hello Miss Yumeko!

    I am stunned to see my name on your blog, it is almost surreal. Thank you so much for holding this giveaway, but more importantly for blogging and sharing so much beauty with everyone.

    Warmest Regards,
    Jeeyun Park

  3. Mikka Mori says:

    Magazines here never comes with such nice gifts like this!! So cute!!
    Oh, and I loved the grey makeup inspirations, maybe I’ll try tomorrow, it inspired me x)
    Xoxo, Mikka <3

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