Japan: Lets visit Umihotaru (海ほたる)

Umihotaru is a service area [kinda like a truck stop i guess] built on an artificial island mid way of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.

To get here, you will need to go on The Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (東京湾アクアライン), also known as the Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway. It is a bridge–tunnel combination across Tokyo Bay in Japan. It connects the city of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture with the city of Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture, and forms part of National Route 409. With an overall length of 14 km, it includes a 4.4 km bridge and 9.6 km tunnel underneath the bay—the fourth-longest underwater tunnel in the world. [ganked from wikipedia]
I drove here but there are buses that will take you here as well.

This place has several floors. [3 of which are carparking]

Had lunch here!

Here’s a video!

You gotta get some omiyage too! [omiyage = souvenir]

Here’s what intrigued me the most

The soft serve

Zarame Shoyu Roll
Yes Shoyu aka soysauce but its not salty at all! its sweet like burnt caramel.

More food – bakery!!

Taiyaki in the shape of Umihotaru’s mascot

I had the most enjoyable day here. The view is excellent and the facilities are amazing [there is a free foot bath too!]

The view

Happy travels!
XOXO Yumeko

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4 Responses to Japan: Lets visit Umihotaru (海ほたる)

  1. Jen says:

    All of the food looks so delicious! I have never tried a shoyu roll but I love burnt caramel. Love looking (and buying haha) omiyage too. Had such a hard time choosing them for friends and family the last time I was in Japan xD

  2. This looks fun! I love Japan’s road stops!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      this one is awesome! a bit expensive to get there since there is only one way to get there [abt 30bucks to just use that expressway]

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