Review: CLIO waterproof pencil liner Kill Black

Long time readers will know i adore the eyeliner pencils from MUFE. However i am slowly growing weary of sharpening them XD
So i am on the hunt for a pencil liner that does not require sharpening XD
Here is my latest purchase!
CLIO waterproof pencil liner Kill Black

How it looks out of the box

The pencil is autofeed [ie no sharpening required] however if you want to maintain a sharp point. a sharpener is included at the end of the liner.

A bit of a surprise to me. This is made in Italy.

– cheap, easy to buy [just buy on gmarket]
– no need to sharpen

– not as long lasting as i wanted it to be
– does not glide. a bit hard to apply

Overall Thoughts
I am a bit disappointed!! i wanted to love this as i adore the gelpresso liners from Clio [i realised i havent done a review but i will soon ok??] but it does not work anywhere as well as those. This is hard to apply and it does not last on my waterline. The gelpresso liners range needs a pure black pencil. Currently they only have a black pencil with sparkles. That glides on and is smudge proof. Though i just purchased this, i have stopped using it T-T Hope they improve the formula or release an all black gelpresso liner.

Have a nice weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

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  1. Sofie says:

    Ah sad it didn’t work out for you! I have been eyeing the gelpresso liners for some time now! I will wait for your exclusive review!

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