Review: L’egere Aqua CC Cream

Last September, i went to Taipei for a holiday and whilst there, i picked this up.
L’egere Aqua CC Cream

There is a non aqua version of this CC cream but when i tested the testers available, i found it to be far too dry and cakey for my liking. But this could be due to the tester so i am not sure.

Out of the box

Back of box

– cheap [i forgot how much but legere is never expensive]
– has spf [though only 20]
– easy to wear, easy to blend, smooth
– will be good for summer, the watery formula is very soothing in the warm weather

– only comes in one shade [it worked ok for me though, i am NC15 at MAC]
– can be hard to buy
– low coverage [some ppl dont like that but i do]

Overall Thoughts
I wanted this to work as I never quite the hype that was the Legere BB cream [it oxidised badly on me and made me look gray XD]
But in regards to this,I like it! To be honest i have not used it a lot as the weather is very cold in Japan right now. I assume i will use it a lot more come summer though. As to whether i will repurchase, i am going to have to say no. Whilst i think it isnt bad, i dont think its HG status. So i’ll be looking around a little more!

It came with a free beauty blender rip off sponge XD I havent tried it though.

Happy Shopping
XOXO yumeko

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2 Responses to Review: L’egere Aqua CC Cream

  1. ali says:

    awww i’m disappointed you don’t quite fancy it because i really wanted to try it & value your opinion but now i’m iffy. though i guess if i really wanna try it i should just go ahead & get it & not be such a baby lol

    i shall try it ! their normal bb cream is one of my favorites so hopefully their cc cream will be slightly better experience for me as well.

    thank you for the review!

    • Bittenbefore says:

      well maybe it will work for u, since the normal version doesnt work for me! so maybe legere is the one brand we dont have the same experience with heeheee

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