Review + Swatches : VDL Festival Shadow 501 Kimono & Sparkle 114 Candy Kiss

VDL is a cosmetic brand from Korea that is new [to me]
I picked up a few things from them recently.
Amongst them…
VDL Festival Shadow Eyeshadow Singles

Out of the boxes
VDL Festival Shadow 501 Kimono & Festival Shadow Sparkle 114 Candy Kiss
Festival Shadow RRP: 6500won [Approx USD$6.50]
Festival Shadow Sparkle RRP: 7130won [Approx USD$7.13]

Inside the containers
VDL Festival Shadow 501 Kimono & 114 Candy Kiss

501 Kimono
A beautiful matte red
I have been hunting for a red eyeshadow for ages now.

114 Candy Kiss
A sheer yet sparkly pink

– averages $7 each
– huge range of colors
– you can buy it easily [gmarket has it too]
– nice packaging

– no physical store in Japan [that i know of]
– can flake from time to time, use a base for best results
– not crazy pigmented but you can layer it for more intensity


Overall Thoughts
I like them! Its not anywhere as good as say…urban decay singles [those are buttery goodness and my absolute HG] but for its low price, i think i can work with it especially for shades that are just trendy not staples.

Sorry, not the best pic but you get the idea hopefully!
p.s yes my hair really is that blond these days lol! Do you like it?


Stay Happy!
XOXO Yumeko

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12 Responses to Review + Swatches : VDL Festival Shadow 501 Kimono & Sparkle 114 Candy Kiss

  1. ani says:

    your hair looks really healthy! do you do anything particular to it to keep it that nice looking? any treatment you recommend?

    • Bittenbefore says:

      I do a lot of treatment at the salon actually since i get it dyed so often. it seems to take a longer time to do treatments than dye it there hahahahahah
      i did start a new shampoo regime lately but i cant tell you if its good yet. i’ll blog about it once i used it for a little longer 😀

  2. Tessa says:

    Super awesome look ~~~

    Really respect ladies who can pull off such bold colours with finesse ^_^

    Is there any shade you have not tried?

  3. @adesabrina says:

    You look like a doll with the blonde hair and red eye shadow! Very pretty 😀 I tried red eye shadow before but I couldn’t pull it off.

  4. Marife Floriano says:

    Ohhh can i ask which lens are you wearing here?? Thank you

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