Korea Seoul: Kyochon Chicken

A few posts ago, i posted about Kyochon chicken and many of you asked me what it was.
So i thought i do a quick blogpost about my fave chicken store in Korea.

From wikipedia.
Kyochon is a South Korean fried chicken restaurant chain. Founded in 1991, Kyochon is one of the largest Korean fried chicken restaurants in South Korea.Kyochon operates some restaurants in the United States.

Kyochon is also famous amongst many fangirls as they are endorsed by korean boyband Super Junior.

I usually visit the one in Kondae



The spicy is my favourite but no one that i go with ever wants to eat it. Its either because
1. they are not enough of us, so we all rather eat original and honey
2. sometimes the person i am with *cough*husband*cough* cannot eat that much spicy food
I need to find more people to go with. XD <-- i am going korea soon too XD The packaging changes often too. Here is how they look like now [january 2014] kyochon-8
I always bring several boxes home from Seoul. [you are allowed to do so for japan but u have to check it in. no carry on. i always bring a lock n lock container to make sure it doesnt stink up my clothes lol]

Website: http://www.kyochon.com/main.asp

Happy Eating!!
XOXO Yumeko

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  1. jac says:

    I love spicy food

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