Seoul Korea: Grill5Taco

A few of you asked if i could continue showing kpop related places in Seoul so i dug through my photos and thought i would share my visit to Grill5Taco last month with Mish and the girls.

Grill5Taco is a chain of korean fusion mexican food in Korea.
There is one in Cheongdam that is owned by Donghae of Super Junior Fame [hence the kpop relation XD]

I had a burrito

Mish had prawn tacos

Midgey had beef tacos

May had quesadillas

The amazing fries we shared
Btw you see those raw onions on top? i consider it the BEST PART but none of the girls wanted to eat it [more for me hahah]. would you eat it?

Overall Thoughts
Ok first of all, i have to reiterate, its not authentic mexican food. 2nd of all, the place is really smoky XD i dont know why. They might need to improve on the air filtration or something. If neither of these issues bother you, then i would say, pay it a visit! I like the food and i love the Cheongdam area [when i go to korea for work, a lot of it is done in this area]. And if you are a superjunior fan, you might run into one of them here [Might is the keyword here XD i dont really do the whole stalking thing but if its your thing, give it a go!]
Address: 청담동 88-10번지 보빌딩1층, Cheongdam-dong

Happy Eating
XOXO Yumeko

p.s if you have any specific requests about Tokyo or Seoul, leave a comment here or twitter or instagram, i’ll get back to you on one of these platforms.

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6 Responses to Seoul Korea: Grill5Taco

  1. shinyprettythings says:

    Onions with a side of taco is what I ordered hahahaha

  2. MajinRin says:

    looks yummy! *Q* I would eat everthing XD

  3. Ciara says:

    This looks yummy! I’ve heard of this place called Vatos (Jay Park & a few others mentioned it before) and said that the food was pretty on point. Maybe you can try there next time! I plan to try it whenever I have the chance to go.

    Here is the link:

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