Tokyo Eats: 88HuitHuit Pancake Cafe

Another food related post XD
I’ll try to do a beauty post soon, i promise!

Recently i visited 88HuitHuit in Lalaport Funabashi

The decor


Menu – prices are quite reasonable

Apple Pancakes
The apple jam was amazingly tasted and the pancakes were fluffy and really well made.

I like the 88 hot printed onto the pancakes.

French Toast Pancakes
i dont know what i expected but this did not turn out the way i thought french toast pancakes would. They were still more pancake than french toast but maybe they are supposed to be XD

My iced coffee latte
This is a bit of a funny thing. Recently i have formed an odd obsession with cafes and more notably coffee. I didnt really used to drink coffee as it always gave me heartburn. I would only drink it if i really needed to stay awake. Lately, thanks to work and many late nights, i have found myself drinking it more and more. So now i am addicted to it XD i have drunk more coffee in the past 3 months than i have in the past 15 years. AHAHAHAHA >_<


Happy Eating!!
XOXO Yumeko

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  1. Ciara says:

    Ooh! These look yummy especially the Apple Pancakes!

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