Hello From Singapore!

Those of you who follow my instagram probably already know this but yes i am in Singapore!
Its a work related trip and I arrived on Friday! Will be here till the end of the week ^^
(Yes i just got back from 3 weeks in Korea 4 days before that hahaha i really haven’t been home in ages XD)

Will attempt to catch up on blog posts when i get back
XOXO Yumeko

p.s to my personal friends, please check my private fb account for details on how to contact me! thanks!

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2 Responses to Hello From Singapore!

  1. enere_serene says:

    Hope you are enjoying Singapore! Email me if you are free/keen to meet. 🙂

  2. Lucy Yelding says:

    yumeko 😀 You’re so lucky to travel so much, I hope you aren’t home sick. I’ve been in america for months and miss my parents back home in the UK

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