Review: Etudehouse Sweet Idea Bunny Nail #2 + NOTD

SWEET IDEA is a contest EtudeHouse ran a while ago and anyone can submit an idea to their website. The winners are then turned into cosmetics/makeup products in EtudeHouse!
This was one of them.
Etudehouse Sweet Idea Bunny Nail #2

Back of the package

Comes with two bottles

One of them is a black nail polish and the other is a combination of circle and bunnie shaped flakes. YES BUNNY SHAPED.nails-5

I do not paint my own nails. Instead, I get gel nails done at the salon so I have never tried the black nail polish. However my nailist did set the flakes in my nails for me and painted the other nails in a matching design.
As you can see, the bunny flakes are a little see-through compared to the usual flakes you can buy. The circles/dots on my nails are not from Etudehouse but from the usual ones my nail artist uses. They differ in color and opacity greatly. These are encased in a thick coating of UV light cured gel and lasted the full three weeks without any issues.

A really lovely idea and I certainly hope Etudehouse and other brands put out more interesting nail confetti/flakes soon.

Happy Shopping!!
XOXO Yumeko

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  1. So Cute!! Your nails look great.

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