MAKEUP : Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review + Swatch

An extremely overdue blog post.
To be honest, I know i havent been very good with the blogging but I’m going to try to do more this year. [no point paying for this hosting if i dont XD]
So for those who are still reading, Thank you! 😀

This is one of my fave items from 2016.
Etude House Tint My Brows Gel

If you
1. spend a lot of time drawing your brows daily
2. have some gaps in your brows [or dont have much] but want to appear like you do at say a sleepover
this product is certainly for you.

So how does it work?
1. You draw the desired brow shape on your clean [no makeup] face with the gel tint.
2. Wait for the gel to dry for TWO HOURS.
3. Peel it off. [see below, dont worry it doesnt hurt]
4. The tinted shape should last 3 to 5 days.

Shade #2
1. if you are unable to paint the shape on freehand, use an eyebrow pencil to draw the shape before u fill it in with tint gel.
2. if you cant use the brush provided, use your own angled eyebrow brush
3. the longer you leave it on , the darker and longer lasting the color will be. [i left it on overnight once]
4. SCRUB your face before hand. Get rid of the dead skin cells before you do this so it will last longer.
5. Do not answer the door with painted brows and scare your post delivery man like I did.

Overall Thoughts
I have tried versions from several other brands [Kpalette from Japan and Solone from Taiwan] but this has worked best for me so far. However i did find that Shade #2 lasted longer than Shade #3. Could be a formula thing. I am not sure. And though it doesnt really last five days for me or even a full 3 days, its a lot easier to do my makeup in the morning because there is a faint guide on how to draw them in. I went on a few onsen trips last year and it was nice to have brows all done when i rolled out of bed for breakfast or went to soak in the onsen XD~ All in all, i recommend this!

Happy Shopping!!
XOXO Yumeko

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  1. Kuri says:

    Wow, what a cool product! I had no idea there was something like this.

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