MAKEUP : How-to “Ironwall Makeup”

Recently on Japanese SNS [social network sites], there is a lot of talk about「鉄壁メイク」which loosely translates into “Iron Wall MakeUp”. It started because a Japanese female pro wrestler shared how she covered her scars, bruises [from wrestling] and other marks on her face with just Japanese drugstore products.

Below is a picture she posted on her twitter account [its not me XD]

Credit: Twitter

Needless to say, the method has gone viral and I’m here to share it with you!

Here’s what she uses

Credit: Twitter

1. Mix “Majolica Majorca / Nude Make Gel (b)” in equal parts with your choice of essence or moisturiser. Apply and let dry.

2. Apply the foundation “Sofina Primavista Powder Foundation” in a stamping like procedure.

3. Use “Shiseido’s Spots Cover Foundation (c)” for the obvious scratches/bruises/scars/marks etc.

4. Mix “Shiseido’s Spots Cover Foundation (c)” with the base made in step one and apply all over face.

5. Use “Integrate Perfect Cover Eye Base (d)” for eye area.

6. Cover all with the powder once again.

In summer, you can skip the majolica + essence base and just use “PrimaVista Long Keep base UV”!

I have tried it once since and i have to tell you, it really works but its way too much makeup for me to wear on a daily basis and i spent a long time cleaning it off. I’ll def consider doing it for special events though!

Have fun experimenting!
XOXO Yumeko

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