Review : SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Contour Kabuki #82

Have you ever bought something you felt SOOOO certain it wasnt going to work but you bought it anyway because secretly you hoped it would?
I do it all the time. So what did i buy this time?


Note: There is no Sephora in Japan but the store in USA does ship to here. However I was lucky enough to get a friend to help me get it from USA.

[Information from Sephora]

What it is:
An all-in-one sculpting and shaping brush that can be used under the eye, hollows of the cheeks, and around the jaw area.

What it does:
Define your best features and achieve an allover makeup look with this Pro Contour brush. Featuring an innovative design for multi-direction blending on the entire face, it allows you to seamlessly shade, contour, highlight, and blend product. Its curved-tip bristles fit into facial grooves and corners of the face for a flawless finish, making application simple with just a few strokes.

– Easy contouring!
– Soft bristles, good quality
– Easy to hold, easy to travel with [ comes with a cap to protect it]
– Can be used for foundation too! Cream or powder!

– Does not work for everyone especially if you have a small face [i dont XD]
– Not easy to buy outside of USA
– Expensive at $38RRP [but its always on sale i find XD like up to 50% off]

Overall Thoughts
I love this brush! I’m not sure if its because my face just happens to fit it perfectly but it does an excellent job for me! Its quick and easy too! I hear ELF has made a similar brush but i haven’t seen/tried it yet. Will keep you posted if i do!

Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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