Review: TINAROLL – USB powered hair roller

I was in Korea recently for just over two weeks and during my time there i noticed a certain phenomenon in the cafes. Many girls were wearing these curlers and when removed their bangs are miraculously perfect. Curious, I enquired about them from a Korean blogger friend and she told me they were extremely popular in Seoul at the moment. She also told me that the reason they actually work is the fact they heat up!

Yes they heat up. As a matter of fact, they are USB powered!
Needless to say, i had to find out what the fuss was.
So here it is.


Some details

Package contents

You can plug it into a wall unit [usb charger] or simply plug it into a portable charger [the kind for charging your cellphones] for a truly travel friendly solution.

Once the light on it goes out, its charged! So you can unplug it from the power source and put it in your hair [takes a few minutes] And when you remove it later, your hair is curled!

Overall Thoughts
I don’t have bangs but a friend of mine does [as a matter of fact, the one in the pic belongs to her. Hi Kim!] and the results were amazing. She says it is “life changing” and she cant get her hair this nice ever even with a hairdryer or curler. Its also easy to use as she uses it to hold her bangs up whilst she does her makeup and once that is done, so is her hair!! She also says to put some hair oil on it after and it will keep in place all day! Upon witnessing it in action [on her hair], I was so convinced I bought a set too XD~

Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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