Review: EtudeHouse USB Hair Roller aka TINAROLL

Remember the TINAROLL review I did earlier?
Well several of you asked in FB if i would show the one i got.
Here it is


Here’s the writeup on the back of the package

Contents of package

Doesnt the roller look familiar?
Well it should because its actually a TINAROLL [same brand XD].
I found out only after i bought it from Etudehouse XD

If you missed my review on the TINAROLL, you can see it here

Though I ended up buying a TINAROLL again, there are many brands that make it in Korea.
A quick look in Watsons or Olive Young [chain drugstores] will garner you loads of results

Even comes in different sizes!!

I told you they were popular XD

Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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  1. Mariko says:

    I never do anything to my hair, but now you’ve got me all curious!

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