[TRAVEL] [OKINAWA] Zhyvago Coffee Works

As promised, I’m here to share my favorite coffee spot in Naha Okinawa!

Zhyvago Coffee Works


Yes its quite the instaworthy decor.


There is cake and small sweets available as well!

What we ordered

Overall Thoughts:
This was my favorite coffee place in Naha Okinawa and I actually went there 3 times in the week I was in Naha XD Do take note the place does not have much seating inside but there is more on the deck outside with a fantastic view of the sea. [The shop is at the edge of the American Village and faces the sea.]

Address: 沖縄県 中頭郡北谷町 美浜 9-46 ディストーションシーサイドビル 1F
Telephone:098-989-5023 (+81-98-989-5023)
Website: http://zhyvago-okinawa.com/

Happy Travels
XOXO Yumeko

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  1. 美華 says:

    Wow, I saw this place in Mihama last month when I was there ! I didn’t know it was in Naha also ! Now I wish I tried it. (ToT)

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