From Japan, In Japan
Blogging about everything i love.

A bit of history in case this blog confuses you:
- Many years ago, i moved to Melbourne Australia to attend university.
- I met the love of my life [my husband] there. ^_^
- I have also lived/worked in USA, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.
- I have moved back home to Tokyo Japan and i live here now.

Things i love include [this list is by no means exhaustive]
- shopping…this is more like an addiction than love
- travelling
- eating / cooking
- ball-jointed dolls aka bjds
- sewing / diy
- cooking
- makeup/skincare/beauty related stuff…
- I am a diehard fangirl. XD

Pet Peeves
i hate it when people use the term “lucky” and this emoticon : P or =P or some version of it.


Ways to contact me or find me online
Check HERE

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