Tokyo Eats: Espressamente illy Cafe

As some of you already know, I stopped drinking coffee for 10 years and in March this year, I started again. It has been a downward spiral ever since XD
One of the places I enjoy going is Espressamente illy Cafe
Its a worldwide chain with around 10 stores in Japan (4 in Tokyo)

What we had a while ago

Illy Cafe often has a limited/seasonal tiramisu and when I went it was the White Peach Tiramisu (its currently mango coconut I believe)

From November last year, Green Tea and Red Bean (Matcha and Azuki) Tiramisu

Don’t worry! If all else fails, you can always have the standard tiramisu (non limited menu and its good!)

All the tiramisu desserts come with a shot of espresso

Needless to say, coffee here is pretty decent (ok it depends on the barista but I’ve been lucky so far)


Happy Cafe Time!
XOXO Yumeko

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