The Number 5 Company

Sorry for the lack of regular posts lately!
Things have been hectic around here and I’m always a lot busier during summer as well.

I have also been involved in a new venture of sorts with a friend of mine!
And it is…

The Number 5 Company
I’ve been writing the blog posts there every two weeks and involved in the design of the planner box that is available monthly. [New theme each month!]

Oh and we have just gone live on Etsy as well so do pay us a visit!

Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

p.s for those located in Singapore, you will be glad to know shipping is much lower for you guys as the items are being shipped out by my friend who is also in Singapore ^^.

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Australia, Bendigo : Old Green Bean Cafe

Another belated post [is it obvious i am trying to catch up on old posts]
FYI, Bendigo is in country victoria and is about 1.5hrs by car from Melbourne (which is the captial of Victoria)

Im always on the hunt for a new cafe to try whenever i visit Bendigo.
Here’s one i went to on my last visit.
Old Green Bean Cafe


They actually do an iced latte here which is pretty rare in Australia. For some bizarre reason most stores here wont do one. They will do a hot latte of course! I might be ordering it wrongly. Does anyone know what i should order instead? [At the moment i ask for an iced coffee and tell them not to include the icecream on top XD]

Big Breakfast

SweetCorn Fritters

No gimmicks here. Just a properly cooked hearty breakfast.

Note to the wise : They shut early at 4pm as they are mostly a breakfast spot.


Happy Travels!
XOXO Yumeko

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