Singapore : Day 1

So as you already know from my last post, i am on a trip to Singapore.
Just wanted to do this really quick post so you know i got here safely XD
I arrived yesterday, on Sunday morning [overnight flight]

So what did i do when i got here?
Eat lunch of course XD
Way too much food hahahah i was sooo full
Food in Singapore tastes uber good to me but i am always very thirsty after.
I know some say its due to MSG but i think its just me not being used to the flavors.

I dont get much shopping time but i snuck a quick look inside 7-11 [i cant resist looking]
We dont have ANY of these in Japan.
Ok i dont actually eat chocolate but i like the looks of the peanut butter kitkat!! Does anyone know if its coated in Chocolate or totally peanut butter?

its a very hectic trip this time round and my schedule is packed to the max XD [i ended up having to ask people to meet me for supper as i just have no time at all]
Will try to take pics and post something more interesting soon!
XOXO Yumeko

A couple of questions for those in Singapore or travel frequently to it….
Does anyone know

1. a good pedicure place in Singapore that doesnt shut early on Friday or opens super early on Saturday? Preferably in the orchard area?
2. a 24hr supermarket in Singapore? Do they exist here? People have suggested Mustafa [spelling?!] but i was just hoping to go to a supermarket. XD


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