A random post for Monday

I have not done a random post in ages..so how about one now?

1. Disney Cosme Like Stationery Range.
A while ago i posted a pic of this range [the letter set] and several asked me to post more pics. So here’s their eraser case.

There are 4 types : Minnie, Cinderella, Alice and Marie [these are probably the most popular female disney charas in japan]

When you are done with the erasers, you can use it as a 2 part case or remove the middle divider to store your fake lashes
Yes this might surprise you but plenty of high school girls in Japan wear fake lashes to go [technically you are not allowed to but it never stopped me back then]
Website : http://www.sun-star-st.jp/

2. Hakuhodo X ANA LE brushes
This is a terrible pic but it was sent in a furious frenzy by the bestie who was boarding an ANA flight.
ANA regularly sells an LE set of Hakuhodo travel brushes and here is this year’s collection named SAKURA
5 piece set + brush case. Retails at 16,500yen. <– may seem expensive but its an amazing deal for Hakuhodo brushes.
For those unfamiliar with the brand, Hakuhodo makes AMAZING makeup brushes and are considered some of the best in the world.
I own a collab ANA travel set from them [from uh...3 years ago?] and the quality is just as good as the ones i buy from the Hakuhodo store.
Note: these are only sold on board international ANA flights so find someone taking an ANA flight to grab them for you!!!

3. Rice Mold from Daiso
This is a bit of a strange pic to post but a reader asked about rice molds recently and i mentioned the one from Daiso for making Omu rice. Didnt know where to post the pic so i am sticking it here XD

4. Jang Geun Suk cooking book [in Japan we call him Jang Keun Suk]
No real reason to post this either except i know several girls that follow this blog will love it XD
Book comes with a DVD too XD
FYI, in case you didnt know, its become fairly common for male celebs in Japan to release cookbooks.Maybe its for making one less guilty of buying a cookbook instead of a photobook? [the cookbooks are usually full of pics of the star]
The guy partly captured in the pic above is Mokomichi Hayami. He is credited to be the one who started this trend. He even has a cooking segment in the mornings on Tv in Japan.
What i think? Pfff SMAP was doing this a decade before he was even famous. Hellooooo Bistro SMAP cookbooks anyone?

5. What i did this weekend XD
So those of you on twitter,facebook and instagram probably know by now [but for those of not into those social networking nonsense], i was in Sendai over the weekend. The husband decided early Saturday morning that we would go on a trip. A frenzy pack of the luggage and we were off to the train station. No plans, no direction. [Very unlike me]
We bought the first train ticket we found. Off to went to Sendai
I had an amazing time XD Will blog all about it soon!

Have a great week ahead
XOXO Yumeko

p.s Heads up to loyal readers, there will be a giveaway this Friday! Look out for it!!

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Japanese Magazine Cutie September 2012 issue X Cecil McBEE Mon Amour

Friday is oddly becoming magazine review day XD Recently i havent been working thursday afternoons so i tend to go shopping or out with friends. I guess it gives me a chance to pick up a magazine and i end up wanting to share it immediately so it ends up appearin on friday’s blog posts XD

Mayuyu graces the cover
Her full name is Watanabe Mayu and she is a member of AKB48.

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