Review: Rêveur Rich & Repair Shampoo + Treatment

Whenever i wash my hair, i seem to lose a fair bit of hair.
I cant say i am super concerned though as i have a lot of hair [a big frizzy tangled mess but nonetheless a lot of it]
However its a pain to clear all the hair from the sink drain. [EWW]
Anyway i made a passing remark about this to my hair stylist and he said perhaps i should use non silicon shampoo/conditioners.
I’m not quite sure about the science behind this [i googled it but since the other sites explain it better than me , I’m not going to explain it. you should just go google it too XD]

So anyway long story short, i picked up some non silicon shampoo/conditioner.
RRP: 945yen each [about $11usd each]

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