Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Thought i put in a uber quick blog post!

The hubs spotted this AWESOME christmas card but it costs 3000yen [ USD$45~] so i really cant buy it for any of you XD
Instead, i shamelessly took a video of it hahahahahah

it actually plays like 5 different songs, you’ll just have to imagine how awesome it is!
[the quality is better if u view it in youtube]

Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it!
XOXO Yumeko

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FAQ: Answers to your questions on my instagram Part 2

I started using instagram a few months ago and i did a FAQ post for those who had questions about things i posted.
Many of you said it was useful so i was going to try to do it monthly but i havent gotten round to doing it XD
Many apologies but here are some i picked out!

1. Where did you purchase these earrings?
I bought them in a store in Singapore named Tailsman [Thanks D for letting me know] when i was there in October for work.

2.Can i have the recipe for these dishes?

I have posted the recipes over at my cooking blog!
Click HERE

3. What is the name of this blush in this picture?
Its made by NARS and the name is Sertao.

4. What does this do and where did you get it?
These are for inserting in pointy toed high heel shoes. This way, when your feet wont slide forwards and hurt your toes.
I bought them in Daiso but there are also versions sold by Scholl. If you want, i can do a further review/comparison of the two. Let me know.

5. What does this do? Does it work?
These are shoe inserts meant to keep your feet warm. They are made of warm materials like wool.
However for those who want something warmer, there are warming shoe inserts such as the ones below. [About USD$5 for 3 pairs]
They react with air and turn hot. They stay hot for 10 hours. Not reusable.

Hope this answers some of your questions 😀
Feel free to keep asking!
Have a great weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s you can find me on instagram at yumeko55

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