K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner New LE packaging

A while ago, k-palette held a contest online to see what design people would like on the new Limited edition packaging.
To vote, you had to buy the previous LE packaged eyeliner and enter the code online.

Now they have launched the afamed eyeliner in the winner of the packaging contest!
They just started selling these over the weekend [not on their webpage yet]

If you are a fan, dont forget to pick it up before they all sell out!
website: http://k-palette.net/tattoo.html

XOXO Yumeko

p.s i updated the shop with a few of these too! so if u cant buy it where u are, do check it out!

p.p.s this post was written last night so i’m adding this on now, please pray for those in Boston especially those who have been injured.

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Snow Festival in Nikko Yumoto 2013

2 months ago [in the first week of february] i went to Nikko for a few days.
Whilst there i attended the snow festival [奥日光湯元温泉 雪まつり] in Yumoto [onsen town in Nikko, about 20mins drive from the lake]
FYI Yumoto onsen is about 2 to 3 hrs by train + bus [depends on type of train] from Tokyo
or if you are driving [like us] , it is about 3 hours drive. [esp in the snow]
The roads are very icy and not well lit [sometimes deer rush onto the road too]. If you are not familiar with driving in such conditions, please stay alert or take the bus.

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