FAQ: Answers to your questions on my instagram

Since i started instagram, i been posting a lot of photos from my daily life. This week i posted tons since i was sick at home most of the time XD [oops sorry for the spammage] Anyway i got tons of questions , thought i just stick all the answers here.
Here’s a quick roundup of answers from the most popular questions

1. [not an instagram question] Where did you buy the rice tool you featured in your mystery item contest?
I bought it in Ito-yokado. A local supermarket. I believe Tokyu Hands stocks it as well.

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Review: Kanebo Freshel White C Whitening Gel + Freshel White C Mineral BB Cream

When i was younger [long time ago], 2in1 shampoo/conditioners had just hit the market and i remember thinking..”this is AWESOME, much less time to waste in the bathroom” <– in case its not obvious, whilst i adore having long hair, i take very little care of it. Its a bad habit i keep till this day but at least i use a separate shampoo and conditioner XD

Anyway fast forward to today, i am still laden down by my 539669 bottles of skincare/haircare/bodycare. And dont get me wrong, i am still very much attached to them but having started yoga a year ago [and still lousy at it] and going away on frequent weekend trips, i decided i needed something i could just use to get by. And this is what i have started using.
I bought the LE set which came with a free tester bottle of their No1 selling bb cream :D
[80g of whitening gel + 15g of bbcream]

The set retails for 1800yen [USD$20] here in Japan but i got 20% off at the drugstore :D

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