New japanese department makeup launch – Isetan Mirror Beaute

Recently i was able to check out the launch of a new japanese department makeup brand!
It is Isetan Mirror Beaute!
FYI Isetan Mirror is the name of the beauty floor in several isetan/parco but they have since launched their own beauty line

Actually this brand has been available for a bit [a month or so?] but they have now added color/point makeup to the line. [Previously they had their own makeup bags and some skincare as well]

The color/point make items prices are comparable to most department store makeup.

Whilst there, i swatched quite a few items and the standout items would be the cream cheek blush! I have similar items from other brands but i think the quality of these are top notch.

I’ll be doing product reviews once i can but in the meantime here are the official press releases [i colorblocked out what i needed to XD]

Have a lovely weekend!
xoxo Yumeko

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