Review: GlossyBox Japan for the month of July

A little late this month but here’s my blog post on the glossybox i received for the month of July :D

Contents of the box this month

Aya Natural Soap

PubicCare Cotton Sheets [i'll leave it to you to work out what this is for]

L’Oracle Skincare + coupon

CNDC Scentsations Dazzling Diamonds Lotion

Nesno Shampoo/Conditioner 3 day samples


Overall Thoughts
I am quite disappointed with this box. As a matter of fact, i wasnt going to post about it cos i thought it was so boring XD Thats why you rarely see bad reviews for me cos i cant be bothered to blog about things that dont impress me XD

Will i buy again?
No. Sadly i was so disappointed with this box. All i recieved was a small bar of soap [its very small, about the size of a quarter coin] , some bottle of handcream [worth 500yen] and miscellaneous sample packets. I have not been overly impressed with all the boxes i received so far either. So I have cancelled my subscription.

Note: They will only ship within Japan but if you are interested, you should look to see if there are similar services where you are. I believe UK, Australia, Singapore, USA have similar services available.

In other news, the husband’s little herb garden has produced some awesome greens this summer.
We are reaping the benefits and having fresh salad daily :D

As a mini encouragement to expand his garden [aka one pot] more, i bought him a little potting kit.

Its kinda a summer activity for parents and kids to do together. My husband cant read the japanese instructions so we put it together XD
I’ll let you guys know how it all pans out in a month’s time!

Till next time!
XOXO Yumeko

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Sponsored Post: BlogHer Tv

Have you been checking out those BlogHer TV videos on the right side of my blog??
They have been adding new videos and i love them!

There are 3 categories to choose from [Fashion and Beauty, Humor and Inspiration and Cooking]
I have set mine to default on Fashion and Beauty cos i assumed its what you guys are most interested in
However i personally have been watching cooking shows.

For those who dont know, i am badly addicted to watching cooking shows. In my 2 years of living in USA, i would watch a certain food network 24/7. “Nothing is on? Watch the food channel” <- totally typical of me XD

Give it a go, you might learn a few new things, laugh and enjoy yourself :D
XOXO Yumeko

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