Review: INGRI:DAHL 3D glasses + GIVEAWAY!!

Do you like watching 3D movies? What about 3D television?
I must admit, i didnt particularly care for them as i found the glasses the cinema gave away extremely uncomfortable.
Not only that, how am i to know if they are clean!? [they are probably clean but i am a bit of a hygiene freak]
Anyway a while back, the husband purchased a new television for the bedroom with 3D capabilities. So i decided it was time i made peace with the whole 3D biz.

Here’s where INGRI:DAHL comes in.
They make fashionable [and comfortable] 3D glasses!!
The company started a year ago [by a gorgeous pair of twins] and they design 3D glasses and clipons for movie theaters and 3D TVs with style in mind. Their eye glasses have been featured in Glamour Magazine, Hollywood Reporter,TechCrunch, DesignMilk,, NRK, and Linda ++

Here are the glasses i recieved

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