Style Fit X Hello Kitty Collaboration Pens

Style Fit [by Mitsubishi Pencil] pens have collaborated with Hello Kitty to produce a limited edition collection that was launched on the 25th February.

They include

1. Single pens [with colored 0.38 refills]

2. Refills

3. Multi ink containers [refills sold separately]

It took me a while to find the display but i finally spotted it in LOFT

The packaging says FOR SALE IN JAPAN ONLY but i dont think this is the case.
They said that about a previous Disney collection and i had readers in Singapore say it was sold there too XD

Here it is with one of the pens i bought from the previous Disney Collection

Note: it is limited edition and has been selling quick. Past experiences with style fit collab pens have been varied. When their majolica majorca pens came out, it sold out on the first day but a few weeks later, they released even more and i can still find one or two at the bookstores even today. On the other hand, the Disney pens were around forever but their multi pen containers were sold out really quick and never came back XD So in general, i think the pens dont sell out that quickly but the multi pen containers do. [i think]
For those curious about the majolica majorca pens, you can see my post on them here

Uni Website:

XOXO Yumeko

p.s You can buy these pens on rakuten [] or if you live in areas like Singapore or Hong Kong, i believe they imported the LE pens the last few times so you will probably get them too. Else you can also check my blog shop as i am going to buy some this weekend so i can pick up a few more.

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Hokkaido : Jozankei Onsen

Jozankei Onsen is located inside Shikotsu-Toya National Park between the high cliffs of the Toyohira River.
The town is an hour’s drive from Sapporo.
During my roadtrip in Sapporo, i spent a night there. ^^

Here is the view from my hotel [i went at the end of november and there was plenty of snow]

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