Japan Tokyo Travel Guide: How to access free wifi in Japan

Over the weekend I learned something interesting!
There is a way to get free wifi in Japan [certain areas only XD]
I dont think this is something new, i think its just something i never noticed [since i dont need to look for free wifi here]

So if you are visiting Japan and an internet addict, have no fear.

Selected Seven-Eleven convenience stores, Seibu department stores [SOGO too] and Dennys restaurants offer Free Wifi service whilst you are there. Registration is free.
Here is the registration page : https://webapp.7spot.jp/internets/
The page is in japanese but i have done the translation for you 😀
Edit: i have since noticed they also have an english translation XD so you can just use theirs See here

I’m assuming you know how to connect to the wifi using your smartphone or laptop or ipad etc
But if you dont, here is a pictorial guide on their site [in japanese but self explanatory]

For those new to my blog, i also have a shopping/restaurant guide of sorts
You can find it HERE

Happy Travels!
XOXO Yumeko

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Fukuoka: Kyushu National Museum 九州国立博物館

Recently i posted about Dazaifu and the amazing shrine there [Dazaifu Tenmangu]
A [semi] new place of interest to visit would be the Kyushu National Museum.

From wikipedia
“The Kyushu National Museum (九州国立博物館 Kyūshū Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan?) opened on October 16, 2005 in Dazaifu near Fukuoka — the first new national museum in Japan in over 100 years, and the first to elevate the focus on history over art.The distinct modern impression created by the architectural facade is mirrored in the Museum’s use of technological innovations which are put to good in making the museum’s collections accessible to the public. For example, the museum’s extremely high resolution video system, with the latest image processing and color management software, serves both in documenting the objects in the museum’s collection and also in expanding access beyond the limits of a large, but finite exhibition space.
The striking wood and glass building in the hills, it hosts important collections of Japanese artifacts, particularly ceramics, related to the history of Kyūshū.”

Following the signs from Dazaifu Tenmangu, you will see this building.

This is the gateway from the bottom of the hill.

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