ENDED – Contest time! Join the guessing game!! :D

Its been a while since we last played a “Guess what this is” game….
So i thought we would play one this week AND there will be a prize too 😀

Guess what this is..


I will be giving out TWO prizes.
Prize A
Goes to the person who gets the answer right!
If there is more than one of you, the most descriptive one wins. So be descriptive!
Prize B
Goes to the most imaginative answer.
So if you have no clue. Be imaginative!!

The prizes are

Yup its KitKat! And not just any kitkat. Limited edition flavors found in Japan!
Each winner wins [a bar of each]
1. Black sugar flavoured kitkat
2. Cheesecake flavoured kitkat
3. Marron flavoured kitkat
4. Daigaku imo [candied sweet potato] flavoured kitkat
5. Hokkaido milk cafe latte flavoured kitkat

Ok i know its not a huge prize or anything but just join in the fun ok ? XD

For a chance to win, you must
1. Leave a comment in this post.
2. Follow me on twitter [yumeko55] or facebook or subscribe to this blog [leave usernames so i can check] or blog about the giveaway in your blog!

Contest open internationally AND ends Sunday 12th August 2012 Midnight Japan time.
contest ended! winner to be announced in a blog entry!!

Good luck!!
XOXO Yumeko

p.p.s contest is run and paid for by myself. no affliation to kitkat 😀

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Sponsored Post : More about BlogHer Tv

Sort of a follow up to my post on BlogHer Tv last week.
I got a twitter from comment from someone asking me why there is a countdown when they start watching the videos and if that is due to BlogHer Tv being unable to handle the load since they dont get that when they watch videos on other sites.

I’ve poked around on their site and it would appear it does that by default!
There is nothing wrong with your connectivity or their site.

However today i got an email from them saying that they are “going to tweak the launch behavior on the BlogHer TV unit. Currently, when your reader mouses over the unit a 3-second countdown begins, followed by the unit expanding and the video automatically playing with sound. Moving forward, we will remove the countdown, allowing the unit to expand upon mouse-over, like all our expandable units. At that point, your readers will have the option to close the unit, or click to play the video.”

Hopefully this answers your question and dont hesitate to try out BlogHer Tv!
There are some good shows and not just about Beauty! I’ve started watching the cooking shows and they are great!
XOXO Yumeko

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