Microwave Cooking: Deco Roll Cake

Have you heard of the Deco Roll? Its quite popular lately and there are quite a few books related to this topic this year.
Here’s one of them
Usually the recipe states that one must use an oven but i have found that we are able to use the microwave too.
And i am here to share my finding and recipe with you!!!

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Lupicia The Darjeeling Festival 2011 – Tokyo

Earlier this year, i wrote a blogpost about my love affair with tea store Lupicia.
Well, 2 months ago, i attended the Lupicia The Darjeeling Festival. [yes i am very behind on entries haha]
It was held at one of the exhibitions halls at Ikebukurou Sunshine 60.

There was no entry fee but the event was by invite only. However you could get an invite if you applied early online or was a member of the store [Spend 5000yen on their products to sign up]
Husband offered to accompany me and we both thought it wouldnt be busy but…
it was PACKED

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