How to buy online editions of beauty magazines : Taiwanese magazine QUEEN

Do you read the taiwanese magazine QUEEN?
Its from a taiwanese tv show and they feature tons of makeup/beauty related/fashion tips.

It doesnt actually matter if you understand mandarin at all. [doesnt affect me at all!] I found the pictures straight forward and self explanatory.
During my 6 month stay in Hong Kong, i purchased the magazine religiously but when i moved back home to Japan, i was no longer able to buy it.
[old issue from 2009]

Some friends tried to help me buy the issues and mail it to me. However the magazine is usually almost 1 inch thick so postage is far too expensive.

Well with the help of modern technology..fret no more!
We can now buy ONLINE EDITIONS!! And its a heck lot cheaper too! think of all the paper you are saving too!

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Review: GlossyBox Japan for the month of June

Before we start, i want to apologize for the photos in this post. i was trying out a new photo program [aperture] and i think i overdid it. I wanted to redo the pics but my schedule is really crazy this week so i didnt get a chance to do so.

Last month, i received my first GlossyBox and blogged about it. Several of you asked that i continue featuring them each month if i decided to continue buying them.
I didnt cancel my subscription so here is the month of June.
The monthly fee for glossybox japan is 1500yen [about USD$18 – 20] and courier shipping within Japan is included.

There is another pink box inside the outer cardboard mailer box.

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