My bakeware/cookware haul from Singapore!

So you want to see a haul post from Singapore?
Be Warned, i bought some really strange and unexpected items.

Dont believe me? Do you want to see my bakeware/cookware haul from Singapore?
Yes i said bakeware/cookware.
Yes i know Japan sells bakeware/cookware too but i tend to find kitchenware the best souvenirs. Clothes will come and go [not saying i didnt buy clothes] but kitchenware stays with me a long time. [My martha stewart bowl from USA KMART that i bought 5 – 6 yrs ago still has a much loved space in my kitchen]

Before i start. Much kudos to my sister who painstakingly drove me around to find baking ware and cooking ware stores even though she didnt want to buy anything. And huge shoutout to O-san [my brother in law] who looked up bargains for me as well!

Ok let’s see the bakeware/cookware haul XD

Medium Loaf Pans
Dont laugh. Though it says Medium on them, i cant find pans this large in Japan. The loaf pans i have are TINY in comparison.

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Sponsored Post : Check out BlogHer Tv!

So some of you might have noticed that i have started running one ad in my blog and you might be wondering why.
To be honest, in the years i have had this blog [how long has it been? 3? 4? years] i have avoided running advertisements and i generally avoid sponsors as much as i can.
However i have recently joined the BlogHer community and whilst i started out just wanting to pick up tricks/tips from other bloggers, i enjoyed my time there so much i have decided to join them officially by running an advertisement from them.
Running a blog is sometimes quite lonely and its nice to have a community to hang out / whine to / discuss ideas with.

I’m kinda excited to share that they have a whole new thing going right now.
Its BlogHer TV. Have you checked it out yet? [Its in the top right corner of my blog]
The videos in it are well made and i find them fairly interesting/useful
Now before you say anything, the videos arent ads. There is a short ad in front of the video but the videos themselves are not ads and very much worth watching!
Check them out!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s Honesty Check: I will admit that i will probably make a few dollars from them and i intend to use that to help offset paying for my blog hosting/ domain name. It doesnt actually cover it but it helps a wee bit and i dont have to ask any of you to contribute so i hope you can understand.

p.p.s Honest Check Part 2 : I will probably post about BlogHer from time to time since I run ads from them. But it wont affect my usual 3 posts a week [ie i will post these sponsored posts on top of my usual posts] So you dont have to worry that my blog is just full of advertorial posts etc. 😀

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