Random photos for a random monday

I wasn’t up to doing a proper blog post today.
So i grabbed a bunch of random photos from my photo album [mostly taken last week] and thought i write about them.
Kinda like a weird insight into my life?

1. Iron Door Hook
I have a really heavy wall hanging for filing and the more paper i put in it, the heavier it gets.
Last week, the door hook i used finally snapped. It was a plastic hook so i decided to buy this metal hook instead.
Will tell you how it goes.

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Review: Astalift Whitening Skincare Range by Fujifilm

I tend to avoid doing skincare reviews.
This is because i think everyone has a different skin type and its hard to explain what works for who and what.
However, this brand is new [sort of] and i want to introduce it to you guys.
Astalift Whitening Trial Set By FujiFilm

Yes you read that correctly. Fujifilm.
i have mentioned them several times on this blog so if you are a regular reader, you probably remember me mentioning it. 😀

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