Gel Nails of the Month : Royal Princess Edition + FOTD !

HAPPY FRIDAY! Do you feel like this week took forever?
I kinda did at the start but once Wednesday came round, it was full steam ahead!

Its time to do another nails of the month!
For those of you who are not regular readers,i have been getting gel nails done at the salon every 4 – 6 weeks for almost a year now
And every month after i change my nails, i will post of picture of last month’s nails!
So here is a picture of last month’s nails [Thank you to Elina who does my nails!]

Its supposed to be disney princess style but with a more grown up feel hence the royal navy.
We called it the royal princess edition hahahah

I dont know why my fingers look so pink in the photo above. I think its because it was taken with the phone indoors.
The nails are navy in color, not black as well. XD

So i took another pic with a proper camera that shows the color better!! My nails have grown out a bit by now so its a lot longer in the picture below.
I’ll post more about the makeup i use in this “FOTD” next week!

What are you up to this weekend? I have a few events to attend and I have a huge list of things to buy.
Sadly nothing exciting but it does involve a trip to Daiso [so thats kinda exciting right lol]
Whatever you do, have a fantastic weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s A question for one of my upcoming blog posts. Thought i do the “research” now.
Do you maintain your own eyebrows? Or do you get them done professionally?
What method do you use?

FYI, i maintain my own eyebrows. That probably explains why one is higher than the other. XD

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I heart..STATIONERY!!…DecoRush pens by PLUS

You know how some people say “i wish i was back in school instead of working”??
Are you one of those? I am definetely not. I hated school immensely and i was so glad to be out of it XD
As a matter of fact, till this day, the only kind of nightmare i cant shake are of me at school having a test or being late for school etc.

Anyway the one thing i did like about being at school..having a reason to buy tons of stationery*
My new craze
DecoRush pens by PLUS

*though now that i work, i can buy as much stationery/crap as i want XD

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