My Sephora FF Haul + Mini Guessing Game

As many of you probably know, Sephora had its friends and family sale a month or so ago. I think the VIB sale just ended last week too. It was 20% off everything on its site/store. Sadly, It was only available to those in USA and Canada. They dont ship to other countries either. [Since i am in Japan, they wont send to me either T-T]

Thankfully i had a kind friend in USA who offered to help me get the items i wanted.
Here is my little haul

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JR Takasaki Station, Ikaho Green Bokujo, Daruma & Hello Kitty Bento love

A few weeks ago..okok halloween weekend [its sad to admit how far behind my posts are], the husband and i went on a roadtrip to Kuusatsu but we stayed a night in Takasaki. Ok actually we went with other friends except they went by train and we opted to drive there.

Since they were taking the train, we chose the hotel above the JR station Takasaki
FYI Takasaki is in Gunma prefecture

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