Singapore: Prima Taste Kitchen

Yes! i am home in Japan!
I just got back from my 2 week trip to Singapore last night.
And if you are wondering, the trip was good and bad. I had some issues and bad experiences sadly but i am still glad i went.
The weather was excellent [its cooler in Singapore than Tokyo right now XD] and the food was really good too!

I’m still in the process of unpacking but thought i write about a place i visited in Singapore!
Restaurant : Prima Taste Kitchen

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Tokyo Banana Tree + Omiyage ponderings

Are you familiar with “Tokyo Banana”?
its a sponge cake confectionary with a custardy banana filling.
Its the omiyage* choice of many people [japanese and non japanese alike] when visiting Tokyo Japan.

*Omiyage refers to the present/souvenir you bring back from friends and family [and work folks!!] when you visit a place. Usually its food but it can also mean presents.

A couple of posts ago, i told you guys about the Tokyo Sky Tree. I havent gotten round to writing about the mall under it [Solamachi] but i’ll tell you about the limited edition Tokyo Banana sold only at this store

Tokyo Banana Tree!
This is only sold at Solamachi and wont be found anywhere else in Japan.

It features an amazing LEOPARD print exterior!

Out of the packaging : Doesnt it look amazing?
The only downside [for me] is that its chocolate banana custard flavoured. I dont eat anything chocolate [i dislike the taste] so i didnt eat any. But my husband, sister and brother in law report back that its quite good. However my brother in law says the chocolate taste is extremely weak.

Even the paper bag it came with is uber cute XD

A crappy pic i took in Solamachi.
You can just make out the sales assistant in the background. Yes her uniform is leopard print too! [so cool]
The Tokyo Banana Tree comes in 3 sizes [4 , 8 and 12]
FYI, they also carry the normal Tokyo Banana [on the right side of pic above]

I bought 2 small boxes [of 4 each]
but here’s how the bigger boxes look like
Word to the wise: these lovely items only last 7 days before they expire so please take note when buying so its not expired by the time you bring it back home. 😀


Since we are on the topic of omiyage, here’s a peek at some of the junk i bought so far in Singapore

Post-its XD Bought these for the cat lovers i know

2 random notebooks. Kinda weird to buy japanese themed items outside of japan but i thought they were such good sizes XD

I’m still deciding what sort of omiyage to bring back to work folks in Japan.
Things i have bought in previous years include: pineapple tarts [extremely popular], ba kwa [bbq-ed meat things], kueh lapis [this multi layered cake i bought from a store at Changi Airport]
Any suggestions?
I need something that is
1. generally easy to eat / not too weird [please dont suggest laksa cookies like someone else at work XD]
2. definitely local
3. not too heavy [i have to carry it back afterall]
4. can feed a crowd easily [ie i cant buy bottles of kaya jam XD]

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!
XOXO Yumeko

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