Singapore: Jones the Grocer

Well 2 weeks have come and gone..and its finally time to go back home!
But before i go home, here is another blogpost on a place i visited in Singapore.

Jones the Grocer is a chain of food/grocer/cafe stores from Australia and i was delighted to visit the one in Singapore. [It might be strange to some of you that i visited a store from Australia in Singapore but i always miss these sorta venues from Australia since we dont have it in Japan due to lack of space. it was nice to visit one in Singapore]

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Singapore : The Jewel Box

Its been ages since i last updated and i do apologise for that. I have been busy lately and havent had much time to go on the internet. if you read my last entry, you will know that i am currently on a work trip in Singapore. I’m here for two weeks and will be going back home next week.

Singapore is a country constantly changing. Everytime i am here, there is something new.
Recently i needed a new place to visit for an important lunch and a few lovelies on twitter suggested The Jewel Box on Mount Faber. So i paid the place a visit

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