Friday Roundup! Mooks, New Naive FaceWash, Tamagoyaki etc

Its Friday! Here are some things i spotted/got up to this week!

1. Revlon Lip Butters
I finally spotted them here in Japan [i am a bit slow ok]
Yes the display is much prettier than the one i saw in USA [when i was there for a holiday 2 months ago] but there are only a sad EIGHT colors to choose from and it retails at 1575yen. That’s around USD$18 for each one!!
You see can my full collection and swatches HERE

2. ELLEgirl X KOTORI X Jill By JillStuart earphones
I spotted these in the bookstores [kinda like a mook] Didnt buy them cos i cant wear earphones. Am i alone in this? [i prefer headphones]
See more here:

3. New face wash from Naive
Ok i admit, the main reason i posted this is because Kat wants to see the pic of Ohno [from Arashi] promo-ing it XD
Here’s the CM

Website here :

4.Tamagoyaki 卡焼き [Japanese omelette]
I know not all of you subscribe to my cooking blog but before i started that blog, many of you have asked about the japanese omelette aka Tamagoyaki before so if you get the chance, pop over to my cooking blog for a look!
See Here
Could you like my fb page for it too XD

5.Upcoming blog post
Sneak peek of an upcoming blog post!
photo (1)
Not the best pic, photo was taken with the phone XD better photos in the blog post when i post it!

Its the start of GOLDEN WEEK in Japan where we get a series of public holidays in a row.
I have taken a few days off so i actually get the whole week off XD
Have a fantastic weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s SUPER Thanks to everyone who suggested Tv shows for me to watch
I started watching “Warehouse 13” and “Alphas”
I like both quite a bit!

p.p.s I’m going on a roadtrip soon and i like getting new songs to listen to in the car. What is your current fave song? πŸ˜€

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