Friday Photo Meme – Non Makeup Edition aka Random Things Edition

So last week, i did a makeup photo meme where i asked you lovelies to post pics of makeup you used during the week.
Lots of you fabulous ladies joined but a lot of you also asked me to do another photo meme with no makeup since some of you dont wear a lot of makeup. So i gave it some thought and put together another list!

So without further ado, here is the Non Makeup Edition aka Random Things Edition Photo Meme
1. Plushie
My Hello Kitty Daruma pictured here with the small plastic counterpart XD
I got the plushie from Takasaki Gunma. Its exclusive to that region as Takasaki is famous for its production of Darumas.
Bought them as a pair, my sister owns the other half.

Rilakkuma X Tirol Chocolates
I dont actually eat chocolates [i dont like the taste of them] but i bought these anyway cos the packaging is too cute.
Since i dont actually eat chocolates, i have packed these randomly into packages i am sending out next week. XD

New pens! They are Alice in Wonderland Themed.
The heart spoons hanging off them are gorgeous

Bonus pic..i also posted these on Twitter earlier this week
Hello Kitty X One Piece Chopper Notebook [Front,Back]

4.Something you wear [clothes,shoes,accessories]
Orla Kiely X Uniqlo Room Slippers
It took me ages to find these. For some reason, i couldnt find the L size ones in store.
In Japan, most shoes are tagged XS,S,M,L or in Centimetres.
For example, i wear size L shoes. That means my foot is 24cm long.
Thats about Size 38 – 40 in UK and Size 7 in USA.

5.Something Random [If you have something you want to share but never knew where/when to post it. do it now XD]
I got these in the mail recently from a friend. Can you tell what they are? They are stickers made by 3M you are meant to stick on your bra straps so they dont slip out when you wear camisoles etc. Is this kinda weird? I dont know if it works yet, i will report back if you are curious XD

If you wanna play, here is the list again [you can do just one item on the list, whatever you please!]
Friday Photo Meme: Non Makeup Edition aka Random Things Edition
1. Plushie/Toy
2. Food/Snack/Meal
3. Stationery
4. Something you wear [clothes,shoes,accessories]
5. Something Random

Or try last week’s Makeup Edition Photo Meme [stuff i am using a lot this week]
1. Lip products
2. Eyeshadow
3. Blush
4. Foundation
5. Mascara

Leave a comment with a link to your blog post and i’ll drop by to check it out 😀 [I promise to leave you a comment and i always leave super long comments XD]
Cant wait to see what you guys post!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s No blog? you can tweet me a pic on twitter [remember to @yumeko55] too!

please follow me on facebook if you can 😀

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Style Fit X Majolica Majorca Collaboration Pens

I love stationery. I think you probably already know that.
So when Style Fit [by Mitsubishi Pencil] aka Stationery brand announced their collaboration with cosmetic beauty brand Majolica Majorca for some AWESOME limited edition pens…you know it was like christmas and birthday all rolled into one for me.

I patiently waited an entire month for them to be launched and oddly enough they were launched on a Monday [2 days ago] so by the time i went there after work, it was all SOLD OUT T-T

Thankfully, good friend Fumi to the rescue, after listening to me moan on the phone for about an hr, she went and cleared out her local stationery store. She sent it overnight from Kobe to me [tokyo] too!!
Here’s what she got me

Each one has

Yes!..i got a lot of pens in the mail XD
note: some of these are not mine, i was helping some other friends get them too.

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