Review : LE KATE Art Dial Mascara + KATE Mascara Top Coat N

I havent bought anything from the japanese brand KATE in the longest time EVER.
Their releases for the past year have been fairly boring and mostly disappointing.

A while ago i was watching a random tv show [dont ask cos i dont remember hahah] and they were talking about the Dial Mascara made by KATE.
I sorta ok that’s kinda interesting but i didnt feel compelled to go buy it.

Fast forward 2 days later [the weekend] i spotted this LE set in the store
RRP: 1800yen [Approx USD$24]
But i got 20% off the price 😀

The leopard print packaging on the Art Dial Mascara is Limited Edition and i really like leopard print so i thought it was time to try it out! The set also comes with the Mascara Top Coat

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Tokyo Sky Tree X HELLO KITTY

Have you heard about Tokyo Sky Tree?
Its the new tower that opened up on the 22nd May 2012 [this year]
Its the tallest structure in Japan and tallest tower in the world.

It’s built to replace Tokyo Tower [dont worry, its still around of course] as Tokyo Tower no longer gives completely digital Tv broadcasting coverage as its not high enough and surrounded by too many high rise buildings.

As you can imagine, the new tower is a HUGE deal in Japan. Even whilst it was being built, people flocked to take photos and look at it. Now that its built, its CRAZY packed there. As a matter of fact, even if you wish to visit the tower itself [ie go up] it is being decided by lottery and reservations.

And of course, being one of the new icons of japan, an old/familiar icon has collaborated with it to produce some cute products.
I’m talking about the ever loved Hello Kitty!
Memo Clips

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