Friday Random Post – Kanebo, Hada Labo, Aquamoist x Hello Kitty , Hello Kitty X One piece etc

its been forever since i done a friday random post so hey i thought i try to do one now
so for those of you who have been requesting for one, this one is for you! xx

1.Diary Planners 2012
Do people use paper diary planners? Everyone seems to be using their smartphones or google calendar these days
Screen Shot 2011-11-03 at 6.11.08 PM
Check out some of the new ones in the bookstore:

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Review + Giveaway! : My Beauty Diary – Black Pearl Mask from

Have you tried My Beauty Diary Masks?
You probably have, its quite the staple amongst the online beauty blogging community.
Whilst My Beauty Diary has put out tons of new types/flavours and even limited edition masks, one of my favourites remain this
My Beauty Diary – Black Pearl Mask

Not sure if i am the only one but every time i see the words BLACK PEARL, the theme for pirates of carribean movie start playing in my head. Maybe thats why i like this mask, i feel a bit more piratey [is this a word!?] where i have it on.

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