Anda Bettei Resort in Ito-Shizuoka

A few months ago, i visited Anda Bettei Resort in Ito-Shizuoka for the first time. This resort promises to be a relaxing venue and good getaway from the humdrum of each day.
They have karaoke rooms, a library, game rooms, sports facilities and even onsens for one to enjoy.
Now if you are expecting photos of are going to be sorely mistaken as we all know that i am a terrible reviewer and has not taken so much as 1 shot of my room. All the photos i had are of the food i ate. FAIL MUCH?
I hope you enjoy them anyway..
Hanabatake Cafe in Roppongi [i did a review ages ago]
No relation to the hotel, i just wanted to post a pic prior to the cut XD

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