JR Takasaki Station, Ikaho Green Bokujo, Daruma & Hello Kitty Bento love

A few weeks ago..okok halloween weekend [its sad to admit how far behind my posts are], the husband and i went on a roadtrip to Kuusatsu but we stayed a night in Takasaki. Ok actually we went with other friends except they went by train and we opted to drive there.

Since they were taking the train, we chose the hotel above the JR station Takasaki
FYI Takasaki is in Gunma prefecture

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Review: Daiso Mini Eyebrow Pencil

One of the most common questions i get on this blog are people asking for reccomendations for what to buy in Daiso. For those who dont know , Daiso is a chain store in Japan [with branches in many countries like Korea, Canada, USA etc] which sells items for a set low price. They sell everything from homewares to computer cables.

The price varies from country to country but in Japan, its 105yen per item [about USD$1.15]

Today i’m going to talk about this
Mini Eyebrow pencil in Brown

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