Weekly photo challenge #5 aka the old Friday Photo Challenge – Body care Edition

Time to do another photo meme!
Regulars here will know the drill but for those new here..every Friday, i do a photo meme of 5 photos about different themes!!
I’ve decided to rename this to the Weekly Photo Challenge so everyone can take part even if they cant post on Friday!
Hope you guys join in!

Friday Photo Meme -Body Care Edition
1. Body Wash
From left: Neosporin Daily Body Wash, Cetaphil Skin Restoring Body Wash
Not very exciting huh? I have severe eczema on my arms so i have been advised by the dermatologist to not use scented body washs T-T

2. Skin Moisturizer
From left: E45 Cream, QV Flare Up Cream, Neosporin Daily moisturizing cream
Once again with the eczema situation XD i use this stuff soooo quickly XD
FYI, QV Flare Up Cream is the best of the 3.

3. Hair treatment / Conditioner
From left: Tsubaki Damage Care Treatment, Shima Sleek Moisture [nights], Tsubaki Water [mornings]
The Tsubaki treatment is something i use once a week [or i try to XD]

4. Perfume
I dont buy a lot of perfume as i am afraid it will react badly to my skin. These two are my go-tos. I started using ENVY ME by Gucci when i was a student [so long ago XD] and the Cherry Blossom perfume from Loccitane was a gift from my husband several years ago.

5. Other body care items you use
Bewitch UV Cut Body Cologne
I am far too lazy to apply sunscreen daily [esp when i hide in the office all day] but its not good to not apply sunscreen.
A while ago i posted about sunscreen and several of you asked what type of protection it offers.
i had to do some research for this , here it is
SPF measures a sunscreen’s sun protection factor against UVB rays, which cause skin to burn. PA is the same concept, but it measures the sun protection factor against UVA rays, which cause skin aging.There are 3 degrees of PA which are PA+, PA++, and PA+++. PA++ is good for every day use. PA +++ is for sports etc
So in the case of this spray, its SPF50 against UVB rays [quite high] and its PA+++ which is the highest rating for protection against UVA.

Wanna take part?
Here’s a recap of the list!
Yumeko’s Weekly Photo Challenge #5 – Body Care Edition
1. Body Wash
2. Skin Moisturizer
3. Hair treatment / Conditioner
4. Perfume
5. Other body care items you use

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Leave a comment with a link to your post if you do take part! I’ll pop over to read it and leave you a comment!
Thanks for playing!
Have a GREAT weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

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