Review : Majolica Majorca Psychedelicious Artistic Nails 07 先手 [Sente]

I havent bought nail polish in over a year XD
This is because i get gel nails done so i dont see the point of buying nail polish.
However in Majolica Majorca’s current release, i picked up their new nail polish to try
Majolica Majorca Psychedelicious Artistic Nails 07 先手 [Sente]

FYI, 先手 [Sente] means first participant. For example in chess, the 先手 is the person to go first.

Here is a swatch of the nail polish [one coat]
As with all majo nail polish, it dries amazingly fast.

If you apply 2 – 3 coats, you get an amazingly neon fluorescent pink.
Word of advice: despite the brightness, the polish remains sheer even after 3 coats.

Majolica Majorca advises you wear it with their gel like top coat nail polish. I think it would be a fantastic combo.
When i am feeling better [currently sick] , i will try to paint my toes this way.

I picked up another item from the Majolica Majorca Psychedelicious range
Yes the new mascara! Will review it once i get the chance to use it.
Check out the entire collection at their website :

Thanks to all for well wishes in previous post! I am still a bit sick. Mostly its gone, i am just coughing a lot resulting in a bad sore throat. Other than that, i been sleeping tons XD
I’m very much behind on emails, visiting blogs and commenting. So if you sent me an email recently, please be patient with me. I promise to reply soon. 😀

have a great weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s Just a note, i did two photo memes over the last 2 fridays.
Random Things Edition
Makeup Edition
A few of you said you didnt have time to join in yet so I’m not going to repeat either one this week.
I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s response and I have learnt many new things about many of you! So if you havent joined in, i hope you do!

p.p.s Things to ponder over whilst i am sick
Why do they make some medication so difficult to get into?
For example, DayQuil Liquid Caps. OMG i would need some herculean amount of strength to get them out of the packaging which i dont have , much less when i am sick.
Note to the companies, people tend to only eat these when they are sick. ie they are probably a lot weaker than usual too.

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Review: GlossyBox Japan for the month of May

Yes, i’ve also jumped on the beauty box subscription service.
For those for are unaware, there are now many companies offering beauty box subscription services whereby you pay a certain amount of money and they send you a box of beauty samples [usually fairly generous sized samples] each month.

There are 2 choices currently in Japan [that i know of] and for my first foray , i decided to try out GlossyBox Japan.

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