I heart..STATIONERY!!…DecoRush pens by PLUS

You know how some people say “i wish i was back in school instead of working”??
Are you one of those? I am definetely not. I hated school immensely and i was so glad to be out of it XD
As a matter of fact, till this day, the only kind of nightmare i cant shake are of me at school having a test or being late for school etc.

Anyway the one thing i did like about being at school..having a reason to buy tons of stationery*
My new craze
DecoRush pens by PLUS

*though now that i work, i can buy as much stationery/crap as i want XD

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My top 8 Beauty Related Buys from Daiso

You know Daiso right? The 100yen store in Japan that sells everything for 100yen? [105yen after tax]
They have many stores worldwide [Australia, Singapore, USA, Canada etc] and they sell many things for the same low price.

So over the years, i have written about some of their items and i thought it was time i wrote another entry. So if you go to this store and am bewildered by all the exciting stuff they have, here is my mini guide to it!
This post is dedicated to my baa-chan [grandma] who spent over an hour last week telling me how excellent Daiso was. They opened up a new store near where she lives and she had some exciting times walking through it and buying stuff.
You see where i get this shopping gene from…XD

Yes..my grandma is super cool. [or at least i think so]
My grandma doesnt speak english [nor does she go on the internet to be honest] so i guess she wont be reading this blog post but big shout out to her anyway 😀

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