Tokyo DisneySea Part:1

I have been procrastinating about this post XD As many of you know, i spent a day in DisneySea for my birthday a week ago. Since i was there over 10 hrs, i took so many photos i wasnt sure where to start. XD
But i promised a few people i would blog about before October was over, so here i go.
As expected, this entry will be broken into several parts. :D

FYI , we have disneyland AND disneysea.
They are not the same thing XD I went to DisneySEA for my birthday not Disneyland.
The ticket to disneyland and disneysea cost the same but u can only go into one of the parks per ticket XD
[you cannot go in and out into the other park, must pay admission twice but u can re-enter the same park again.

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Sweet Communication Villa Hanazono Forest

As many of you know, last weekend, i went away on a roadtrip [part of my belated bday celebrations]. One of my fave things about going on roadtrips are the roadstops XD
Whilst in Saitama [on the way to Nagatoro in Chichibu] i ended up in Hanazono Forest.
During previous trips to other destinations [eg. gunma] i have driven past this place but never stopped in for a look. I thought it was a church for the longest time.
In my defense, its on the other side of the road when i drive from Tokyo and i dont tend to look at road signs on the opposite side.

FYI this place is about 1hr 45mins by car from Tokyo.

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