Seoul Korea : Mouse Rabbit Cafe

Last time i was in Seoul, my friend Mishelle brought me to Mouse Rabbit Cafe. Its famous as its owned by Yesung of Super Junior Fame. I like cafes so though he isn’t someone i fangirl over, i looked forward to visiting.

Greeted by these super cute characters [its a collab project they have]

You order at the counter

Seats are upstairs

You get one of these things that beep when your order is ready [by the way we have them in Japan too but its usually rectangular whereas the ones in Korea alway seem to be round]

Drinks we ordered[i have no idea what we got]mouse-3

But it doesnt matter when the company is good

I know its weird to even bothering posting pics when i blanked out all the faces but i consider it part of my experience so here they are XD

Go visit Mouse Rabbit, you might just fall in love with it too.

The official facebook page for Mouse Rabbit is here

Have fun!
XOXO Yumeko

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