Tsukuba Japan : Coffee Tribe Cafe

A while ago, I went on a roadtrip to Mito and on the way back we stopped in Tsukuba!
In accordance with my new cafe hopping hobby, we visited Coffee Tribe Cafe

Before I proceed! I am often asked where i locate these places. Well sometimes its word of mouth (friends) or internet review sites like (tabelog) or magazines!
In this case, this came from a magazine.

Coffee Tribe roasts their own coffee beans (thats kinda their first and foremost biz) and there is plenty to buy

And coffee makers/pots/etc for sale

They also have snacks, good for having with your coffee

And obviously they sell coffee

We got them in takeaway cups as there were no seats but once it was ready, the cafe practically cleared out

Not much seating here. Maybe 3 – 4 tables

Coffee was pretty good though I only had an ice latte (it was warm ok) and probably should have had an espresso to really tell. I liked what i drank though so thats good enough for me.
Visit their website for details/opening hours/address/onlineshopping(japan only) : http://www.coffee-tribe.com/

Many of you might have noticed these two little rambunctious ones on my instagram for a few months now
Well, they are actually handwarmers.
Both were presents from Korea and one is named Candy (white one) and the other KN. Since they are handwarmers, they are kinda heavy to lug around lol but i still do.
See their adventures on my insta. They pop up from time to time XD~

Happy Coffee Time!
XOXO Yumeko

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Beauty: F21 Love & Beauty Makeup Blender Wand

Have you ever bought anything beauty related from Forever 21?
I always spot them when I am queueing at the registers but not a single thing has ever caught my eye.
That is until now.
F21 Love & Beauty Makeup Blender Wand

I bought mine from the local Forever21 store in Japan but I assume its sold worldwide.
It cost me 380yen (Approx USD$4~)

How it looks out of the packaging

Since its called the beauty blender wand, here it is next to the original beauty blender brush

Close up of the sponge
– cheap
– small and gets to hard to reach spots
– has a wand. No need to hold the sponge with my hands. I dislike that as it gets makeup on my hands.
– reusable
– because its on a wand, you cannot exert too much pressure by mistake.

– is this considered a ripoff? Probably not since its on a wand than a sponge? Let’s call it inspired!
– could be a bit pointier for really hard to reach spots

Overall Thoughts
I like my beauty blender but I hate using it as sometimes I end up getting product on my hands. I don’t like the idea of holding something which I will rub on my face. Weird, I know. At the moment, I use it it blend out my concealer and it works brillantly! Highly recommended.

Store Link (SOLDOUT online but check your nearest store)

Have a great week ahead!
XOXO Yumeko

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