My Eyebrow Essentials : Canmake, Shu Uemura, Visual Therapy 1028 and MAC

When it comes to makeup, i have always thought the eyebrows were the most important part. It defines the look and gives it an overall polished and completed feel. As such, i have always put a lot of effort into my eyebrows XD I maintain mine myself and i regularly change the shape to keep them up to date [certain styles of brows shows your age! so you should definitely update!]

Here are products i currently use
*the eyebrow mascara from Shu Uemura will be in a different review!

Canmake eyebrow pencil
My alway trusty eyebrow pencil. I have been using this brand’s eyebrow pencil for almost a decade. XD

Visual Therapy 1028
Slighty thicker brows are the current trend and i find the tip of this pencil helps to fill it in nicely and more naturally. I bought this pencil in Taiwan [taiwanese drugstore brand] and i will try to find a similar replacement in Japan when i finish with it. Many brands [japanese, korean, taiwanese] make this sort of pencil these days.

MAC Brow Set
Not my HG but i am trying to use it up before it expires. This helps to set your brows for the entire day and keeps unruly hair in place XD

And for those interested, this is the current chart i follow to maintain and fill in my brows. [i change it from time to time, depends on factors like my hair color, the current trend, my current fave makeup look, seasons etc]

What are your fave eyebrow tools? Do share!

XOXO Yumeko

Edit: and just because i can
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I hope this brightens your day cos it certainly did mine.

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Taiwan Taipei: Dazzling Cafe

A month ago i was in Taipei for a trip and i found time to drop into Dazzling Cafe!

The store i visited is in Mitsukoshi near Taipei 101

FYI, The store has a one drink per person policy. IE each person that visits this store must order a drink.

Fruit tea [i loved this, even the husband liked it!]

Milk tea [this didnt taste as amazing as i thought it should]

And everyone visits the cafe to eat….honey toast!

For those not familiar, honey toast is a big brick of bread which is hollowed out and toasted and soaked in honey.
FYI you can choose how well toasted you want your toast to be [i went for medium]

I love the plate it is served on [they should sell it!]

After the food, dont forget to check out the store exclusive Hello Kitty Collaboration items they have for sale.
[prices are in Taiwan Dollars]

Dazzling Cafe also served food like pasta but i did not get a chance to try it. The Honey Toast was a visual feast but i didnt think the taste was that amazing. [could use more honey?] Nonetheless it was really cheap [USD$7?] and could easily feed two or three people. The Cafe is truly geared towards women but there are enough men [with their SOs] to not make it weird should you decide to make a date of it! Its located in a nice spot and makes for a good break from all the shopping! The queue is usually long so call ahead to make reservations [i called 4 days before the date i went]

have a good week ahead!
XOXO Yumeko

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