Seoul Korea: Sweet Monster

Ice-cream seems to be so big in Seoul lately.
In an earlier visit (March?) Softree had just opened up and the queues were insane but now that i went back again, there has been new ice cream stores everywhere!
Sweet Monster is one of them!

I went to the store in Garousugil. It shares the premises with the clothing store ‘around the corner’.

Counter to order

They sell plenty of popcorn too

The takeaway coffee cups are so cuteeeee! i really wanted one XD [they should just sell papercups hahahahahah] or tumblrs printed like that!!! omgggg!

What we had (I was with a sugar fanatic XD This was like the 3rd cup of ice-cream he had in 1 hour.)
The popcorn was caramel or cheese flavoured and coated the ice-cream perfectly. I liked the sweet and salty and crunchy taste very much.
Give this a go! i think you will like it too!


Happy Eating!

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Shizuoka Japan : La Pullman Caffe

My pancake craze continues XD

This time a lovely place from Shizuoka Japan (About 2hr drive from Tokyo)

La Pullman Cafe

The interior
It is very small yet always packed. I went at an odd 2pm yet it was full. They will ask to take down your number and call you when a table has become available. I did that and they called me about 45mins later.

I thought it wasnt bad but its not what they are famous for.

On their website, they describe themselves as a 半熟とろけるパンケーキ専門店. That loosely translates into “half cooked and melting pancake speciality store”
Here is the basic pancake (there are fruits and ice-cream options too)
They are not kidding about the melting part! I have never eaten a pancake like this, once u cut into it, the whole thing collapses like a burst balloon. I couldnt even take a photo, it became such a mess i had to finish it with a spoon XD Its very unique but you will definitely stay hungry XD do not share.

Our table spread

If you find yourself in Shizuoka, this is very much worth a visit!
Check out the super cute handmade felted rug by the cashier XD
Website [for directions/address]:

Happy Eating!
XOXO Yumeko

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