Review: Color Contact Care Lens Solution

Recently I chanced upon this new contact lens solution in the store.
Its targeted for use with color contact lens.
Color Contact Care Lens Solution

Inside the box

It came with two hello kitty boxes for storing fake eyelashes

And a free contact lens case

The case is rather interesting as it has another layer underneath which detaches [as photo below] and you can store your fake eyelashes in there! (or a really small pair of earrings i suppose)

The contacts solution is an all-in-one (disinfectant, storing solution) and though I really cannot tell the difference between it and all the other ones i have tried, it is still very much usable. My lens seem clean and i have not had any issues using it.
I would buy it again just because the lens case it comes with is so useful XD


Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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[NEWS] Kpalette Eyeliner Limited Edition Designs

Spotted these in the store recently!
Would make an amazing souvenir or gift for yourself or friends overseas!
They are priced a little lower than usual as well.
(1000yen rather than the standard 1200yen. Tax no included)

Close up
Unfortunately, it would appear the eyeliner itself has the same black case.
Hope they consider printing a design on it as well the next time.

For those who prefer to buy a non black case design, here is the latest limited edition version


Happy Shopping!
XOXO Yumeko

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