Beauty: F21 Love & Beauty Makeup Blender Wand

Have you ever bought anything beauty related from Forever 21?
I always spot them when I am queueing at the registers but not a single thing has ever caught my eye.
That is until now.
F21 Love & Beauty Makeup Blender Wand

I bought mine from the local Forever21 store in Japan but I assume its sold worldwide.
It cost me 380yen (Approx USD$4~)

How it looks out of the packaging

Since its called the beauty blender wand, here it is next to the original beauty blender brush

Close up of the sponge
– cheap
– small and gets to hard to reach spots
– has a wand. No need to hold the sponge with my hands. I dislike that as it gets makeup on my hands.
– reusable
– because its on a wand, you cannot exert too much pressure by mistake.

– is this considered a ripoff? Probably not since its on a wand than a sponge? Let’s call it inspired!
– could be a bit pointier for really hard to reach spots

Overall Thoughts
I like my beauty blender but I hate using it as sometimes I end up getting product on my hands. I don’t like the idea of holding something which I will rub on my face. Weird, I know. At the moment, I use it it blend out my concealer and it works brillantly! Highly recommended.

Store Link (SOLDOUT online but check your nearest store)

Have a great week ahead!
XOXO Yumeko

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Seoul Korea: Paul Bassett Cafe

A very much delayed entry as I only came across my photos from my earlier trip to Seoul this year (the one in January not the one in march XD yes i went twice this far XD~)

Paul Bassett Cafe is a chain of cafes found around parts of the world (there is one in Tokyo too)
I visited the branch at Edae [Ewha Women’s University]

Cakes available


You place your order at the counter and you are given a little pager that beeps when your order is ready

My order being made

What we had
This was in January and at that time, I did not actually drink coffee. I used to drink it when I was young but stopped for over 12 years. Then in April this year, I have started to drink it again XD~~
Anyway when this photo was taken, I did not drink coffee so I had the green tea latte. My companion had a cafe latte and he informed me it was rather weak. T-T To be fair, this does seem to be fairly common in the cafes I have tried in Seoul. So maybe its just the way it is there (obviously I intend to keep searching)

I’ve since been informed since that the ice cream is the selling point of this place but since I visited in January aka the height of winter, I did not try it. I will try it again one day ^^

So all in all, I cant give a positive or negative review.
But its a wonderful place to take a break so do check it out if you get the chance.

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