EYEMAZING X AMOYAMO Eyelash on Fashion

One of my favourite brands of fake eyelashes has teamed up with popular girl unit Amoyamo to produce a limited edition range of lashes called Eyelash on Fashion

Amo range

Ayamo range

Like their previous collab with Kera, many of these lashes are brown!

There are some black lashes too but i really like the look of brown lashes :D

One of the sets i purchased! Brown X Purple! [Poison Sugar]

Where to buy
www.rakuten.co.jp [they have an english site too and some of the stores on it will ship worldwide]

On a semi related note, i purchased these lashes in Taipei whilst i was there.
Arent they gorgeous? Yes i am kinda into these semi purple lashes hahahaha
When i got back to Japan, i realised the packaging is a little off so now i think it is fake XD
The reasons are
1. the packaging doesnt look right, not the same as the ones here in Japan
2. the words on this packaging is weird [y Jun Komori instead of BY Jun Komori].
3. I have never seen this particular design prior either
4. it was very cheap
Now before anyone says, i dont condone buying fake goods. I didnt even notice when i bought this! I just bought it based on the eyelash design [it was a shopping frenzy hahahhaa]
So do you think its fake too?

Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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Review + Swatches : Solone Eyeshadow / Eyeliner Pencils

Recently [two weeks ago], i was in Taipei for a week and i picked these up after many favourable reviews from you guys!
Solone Eyeshadow + Eyeliner Pencil
Price: 189 Taiwan Dollars each [Approx: $6.40 USD]

Back of the box
I bought these in SASA.

The Pencils

They have a sponge smudger on the end

- low priced [Approx USD$6.40 per pencil]
- excellent payoff, very pigmented
- waterproof
- Once set, does NOT budge. very long lasting

- can be hard to buy [its not sold in Japan and i dont know where to find it online]
- Sharpener required [i did get a free sharpener from the store for buying this many though XD]
- smudger is fairly pointless, buy a smudger brush
- not a huge range of colors [or rather i cannot find any others XD?]

From left: 01 Jade, 03 Forest, 05 Brown, 07 Purple, 11 Champagne

Overall Thoughts
I love these! They are easy to wear and very cheap compared to other coloured liners i buy [MUFE and Urban Decay] yet i think they perform just as well! i wish they made more colours!

My Solone Haul from Taiwan [more reviews coming soon!]

Have a nice week ahead!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s there will be a sponsored giveaway starting this wednesday for US readers! keep a look out! i promise you, it will be amazing!

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