Tokyo Eats : Honey Cafe / 82Cafe

I am always on the lookout for a new cafe to visit.
Here’s Honey Cafe or 82 Cafe in Shin Okubo (There are two in Shin OKubo!)
*82 can be pronounced as HA-NI (sounds like Honey) in Japanese


Counter (you order at the counter)

Cafe Latte
Since it is in Korean Town, i expected the coffee to be weak (like a lot of coffee i drink in Korea). And yes it was pretty weak XD

Strawberry Milk
Milk with strawberry sauce. I like XD

Honey Hodduk with Cheese And Marshmallow
VERY SWEET despite the salty cheese. But oddly enough, i like it XD

If in Tokyo and you want a dose of korean cafe food/drinks, this is your place.
Bonus! They shut at 11:30pm. So go have a fun time in ShinOkubo aka Koreatown and finish your day there!

Have a great weekend
XOXO Yumeko

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Beauty : Straight Vs Arched Eyebrows + All about Eyebrows FAQ

Eyebrows are terribly important to me.
As a matter of fact, its one of the first things I notice about a person’s face regardless of their gender.
Though i am not adverse to leaving the house without makeup, I do always make sure I do something about my brows.

Lately I have been a little taken with trying out straight eyebrows.
Here is a pictorial example (eye makeup is exactly the same, i wiped off the brows and redrew them to take the pic)

My brows are fairly light so I drew most of them in. Here’s a technique which is similar to what i used

In my case, I did not use eyebrow powder as i prefer the ease and long lasting effect of a liquid eyebrow pencil.
Here are some of the items i swear by (clearly i dont use it all at one go XD)
From left to right.

Top Row: 1028 visual therapy angled eyebrow pencil, real lasting 24hr eyebrow in 02, Etude House Tint my brows, Innisfree Eco Gel Eyebrow.

Note: to conceal what stray hairs you have so you can alternate between eyebrow shapes like me, you need to use a concealer and a light eyebrow mascara. The ones i use are from NARS as well Club Clio liquid and stick concealer (last two on the right in the top row in pic above and the last one on the right in the 2nd row)

Bottom Row:  I-forgot-the-brand-and-its-not-written eyebrow mascara and KATE eyebrow mascara.

See more about eyebrow products i use HERE (opens in new window)

Common Eyebrow Questions I get

1. My eyebrows are practically non existent, what do i do?
Eyelash serum is your friend. Dab that sucker on your brows and wait for them to grow. Also, no matter what you do, do not pluck anymore. Just shave what you need to.
In the meantime, use a dark liquid brow eyeliner and draw in strokes mimicking hair. Cover over with powder/pencil as needed.

2. My eyebrows aren’t lasting! They wipe off with sweat/day/whatever.
Eyebrow top coat will help a lot. Daiso 100yen store makes a good one. MAC makes one as well. Shop around.

3. I have no idea what i am doing yet i am too scared/unwilling to go to a brow bar or seek professional help.
I don’t blame you. I have been doing my own brows since I was 12 after a horrible experience at a facial place i shall not name. You can purchase eyebrow templates, draw it on your brows with a dark liquid eyeliner. Adjust accordingly and once satisfied (and done with posing + pretending you are Cara Delevingne) you can shave/pluck what you need to. Use eyelash serum to encourage growth in spots you lack hair in. Fill in with pencil/liner/powder/whatever you want, till it grows out into what you want. It takes time but its worth while. Once you get the right shape, it will be a lot easier to maintain.

4. I cant find eyebrow templates. What do I do?
Gmarket has some. Look under etudehouse or try ebay but if you really dont want to spend any money, look up full frontal face pictures online of models/singers/i dont care with similar face structures or eyebrows you really like. Blow it up on a photo editing program to the right size aka your eyebrows, print, cut out the eyebrows with a xacto knife and hold up to face. Tadaaa instant template. Ghetto? Who cares as long as it works? Its much worse to have bad eyebrows.

5. Are eyebrows supposed to match/be identical?
Only if you have a perfectly symmetrical face. They are sisters not twins. Unless you are ambidextrous, they will most likely look a little different even after you fill them in. There is nothing wrong with that. One of my eyes is bigger than the other and I’ve survived.

Any other questions? Ask and i’ll add to this list.

Its amazing how different one can look just by changing their brows.
I highly recommend you give it a try.

Here are the two styles i did from earlier, side by side this time round for comparison’s sake.
I prefer the arched look but most people that told me the straight version makes me look younger. Anyway I just alternate between the two styles depending on my mood XD
Which do you prefer?

have a nice week ahead!
XOXO Yumeko

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