Review: CLIO waterproof pencil liner Kill Black

Long time readers will know i adore the eyeliner pencils from MUFE. However i am slowly growing weary of sharpening them XD
So i am on the hunt for a pencil liner that does not require sharpening XD
Here is my latest purchase!
CLIO waterproof pencil liner Kill Black

How it looks out of the box

The pencil is autofeed [ie no sharpening required] however if you want to maintain a sharp point. a sharpener is included at the end of the liner.

A bit of a surprise to me. This is made in Italy.

- cheap, easy to buy [just buy on gmarket]
- no need to sharpen

- not as long lasting as i wanted it to be
- does not glide. a bit hard to apply

Overall Thoughts
I am a bit disappointed!! i wanted to love this as i adore the gelpresso liners from Clio [i realised i havent done a review but i will soon ok??] but it does not work anywhere as well as those. This is hard to apply and it does not last on my waterline. The gelpresso liners range needs a pure black pencil. Currently they only have a black pencil with sparkles. That glides on and is smudge proof. Though i just purchased this, i have stopped using it T-T Hope they improve the formula or release an all black gelpresso liner.

Have a nice weekend!
XOXO Yumeko

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Review + Swatches : CHIFURE Lip Liner in 272 , 572 & 342

Chifure is a japanese drugstore brand targeted at women who want to buy quality drugstore makeup at a low price without the colors/range for younger girls [like majolica majorca etc]

Recently i picked up 3 of their lip liners

How they look out of the box

I purchased them in 272, 342 and 572.

Though they are lip liners, i have been wearing them as lipsticks XD

- cheap! honestly they are so low priced! just 525yen per lip liner [about USD$5.25]
- creamy, good color payoff , u can wear it as a lipstick!
- Comes in 6 colors , all very wearable, office friendly, nothing insanely “fashion”

- basic packaging [not exactly fancy]
- not long lasting


Overall Thoughts
I absolutely love these lip liners! The dark plum in 272 has been my go to shade almost daily at the moment and since these pencils are so small, they are so easy to cart around! I’ll definetely be buyin more shades!

Have a beautiful week!
XOXO Yumeko

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