Sponsored: BornPrettyStore 6pc Makeup Brush Set

BornPrettyStore is an online store based in Singapore that sells all manner of beauty related items.
Recently they sent me some lovely items to review.
BornPrettyStore 6pc Makeup Brush Set

The 6 types of brushes
Material Of Brush Hair: Artificial Fiber

3 Eyeshadow Brushes
1 Eyeliner Brush
1 Lip Brush
1 Double-ended Sponge Applicator & Eyeshadow Brush

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Tokyo Eats : Honey Cafe / 82Cafe

I am always on the lookout for a new cafe to visit.
Here’s Honey Cafe or 82 Cafe in Shin Okubo (There are two in Shin OKubo!)
*82 can be pronounced as HA-NI (sounds like Honey) in Japanese


Counter (you order at the counter)

Cafe Latte
Since it is in Korean Town, i expected the coffee to be weak (like a lot of coffee i drink in Korea). And yes it was pretty weak XD

Strawberry Milk
Milk with strawberry sauce. I like XD

Honey Hodduk with Cheese And Marshmallow
VERY SWEET despite the salty cheese. But oddly enough, i like it XD

If in Tokyo and you want a dose of korean cafe food/drinks, this is your place.
Bonus! They shut at 11:30pm. So go have a fun time in ShinOkubo aka Koreatown and finish your day there!
Website: http://82cafe.jp/

Have a great weekend
XOXO Yumeko

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