[MAKEUP] LOFT COSME Festival F/W 2017

Popular Japanese lifestyle store LOFT is currently having a cosme festival and there are loads of LE items in the festival’s print available!





And even rimmel! [the palettes are not LE, but the free brush sets they come with are.]

See these in detail + more here

Happy Shopping!
XOXO Yumeko

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[JAPAN][OKINAWA] Haul from Okinawa

If you follow my instagram or facebook account, you probably found out I visited Okinawa for a week’s holiday recently. Though I posted quite a lot of photos in my IG stories, I know there are a lot of you who arent in insta so here’s a small roundup of my haul [and more XD]

Clockwise from Top LEFT:

1. RYUKYU glassware – Okinawa is famous for their blown glassware so we visited a glass factory and bought quite a lot of it XD~ [Husband and I have a thing for buying glassware]

2.Starbucks LE – I dont collect the starbucks mugs but these were really pretty so i had to buy them [i told you, we like buying glassware XD]

3.Lupicia LE tea – There is actually 6 LE flavors in Okinawa. [I will blog more about this]

4.Candy – Okinawa LE flavors like Shikuwasa [kinda like lime that is found in Okinawa] Pineapple and Mango

Clockwise from Top LEFT

1. More groceries XD~ But mostly from the convenience store

2. Even more snacks/groceries – There are tons of stuff only available in Okinawa supermarkets! [There will another blog post on this!]

3. Yes ok more snacks/groceries – The retro packaging of the curry mix is the original packaging this brand came in. Only Okinawa sells it like this in the whole of Japan.

4. Omiyage from the airport

There were a few more things like stuff i bought at tourist locations which i did not include. Will cover them when i post about the places itself!!

Coming up next : Cafes in Okinawa I visited!

Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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