Happy Halloween 2013 – FOTD + Costume

Halloween isnt widely celebrated in Japan but its beginning to get more popular esp amongst the adults [not kids XD]
There is still no trick or treating [not common] but the clubs in Tokyo tend to do a special halloween costume night.

I attended a themed dinner party last night [halloween in japan] and it was a school themed night and since it was super last minute for me, i wore this old dress [its from 2005 XD] and threw on some thick framed glasses.
For those wondering, the dress is from Baby Stars Shine Bright. [i wore loli wear many many many many moons ago]

Think it ended up ok XD most people liked what i wore XD
[i know i wrote 2014 in my pic, my mistake XD]

Happy Halloween 2013!!!!
XOXO Yumeko

Just going to leave this here cos i have been obsessing over it

“Just Another Girl” by Kim JaeJoong
He is in Tokyo for a solo concert in 2 weeks, i cannot wait to go!

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