Miracle Romance aka Sailor Moon Makeup + Swatches!

Do you know the manga/anime Sailormoon? I suspect some of you might be too young to remember it XD
if you arent too young [aka my age] you will be pleased to know Creer Beaute has teamed up with them to release a limited edition series of cosmetics.

Here is the store display

The liquid eyeliners
Comes in Black or Brown

Color Liquid Eyeliners + Creamy Pencil Eyeliner
The colored liquid eyeliners come in blue and red.
The creamy pencil eyeliner comes in just sparkly white


I found these in store over a month ago but i have not had the chance to post till recently.
I’ve been a bit busy with life and i just got back from a girls trip to Korea Seoul two days ago. I have a friend visiting me in Tokyo too so once everything settles down i’ll get back on track with reviews and what not.

Website: http://www.creerbeaute.co.jp/sailormoon/

Have a good week!
XOXO Yumeko

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