Tokyo Eats : Yojiya Cafe

Yojiya is a famous brand from Kyoto that specialises in making face blotting papers.
They have 4 cafes in Kyoto and 2 in Tokyo [one of which is actually inside Haneda Airport]
The other one in Tokyo is in Shibuya which is the one i visited.

The slips of paper have a kyoto saying on it and the meaning of it in Tokyo-ben.
Think of it like a local saying/accent. Tokyo-ben [accent] is the one commonly spoken in Japan ie what they have on tv.

The wet napkin is really gorgeous. Almost can’t bear to use it. Truly a brand famous for its paper product.


Love the basic color scheme. i love black, red and white.

What we had

Ice Coffee
I have grown snobby about coffee so I can tell you this is so-so

Ice Green Tea Latte [kyoto is famous for its green tea of course]
Absolutely delicious
If you are wondering about that cute cat on the cup, its a toy i own and i’ll blog about it soon.

Before you leave, remember to check the goods out. Everything is gorgeous!

Website :

Happy Eating!
XOXO Yumeko

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