Review: EGLIPS Stick Shadow Swatches + EOTD

EGLIPS is a korean brand I have been trying a bunch of new things from.
Here’s something new I tried.
EGLIPS Stick Shadow

There is a sponge tip on one end. You can use it to blend out the harsh lines after u draw it on.

From top down
#1 walnut (matte!)
#2 maple
#3 teak (matte!)
#4 oak
Yes two of these shades are matte!

Overall Thoughts
I LOVE THESE! Especially the two matte shades. They are incredibly handy and not as hard to blend as one thinks. The shimmers shades arent hard to find dupes for [NYX and Sephora brand prolly carries them] but the matte shades are perfect for the asian skin tone esp #3. It lends a very natural crease look. So if you dont want to get them all, try getting just #3! The price point is low though so you might want them all anyway XD
Waterproof and crease free even after hours of wear. Also much easier to blend than say MUFE. Those set a lot faster. My only gripe ? I wish there were more colors XD~

PicMonkey Collage


Happy Shopping!
XOXO Yumeko

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MAKEUP : The Saem Saemmul Kok Kok Cushion Tint in Wonder Orchid

The Saem Saemmul Kok Kok Cushion Tint
Shade: Wonder Orchid

This item is made in Korea

Cushion tip on one end
You can use it to smooth out your lipstick line, giving it a graduated look (very trendy lately!)

Lipstick on the other end
Contains argan oil and shea butter. Very moisturising too!


Overall Thoughts
To be honest, I only bought this as I thought the color was interesting. I have a thing for purple makeup. Like true purple. Not wine not maroon or fuchsia XD
Thankfully this turned out to be rather good! I like how matte it is yet the color appears vivid and not drying. Not only that, it is really handy since I dont need to carry a lip balm around at the same time.
The only thing i do dislike about it? The packaging XD~

Website [in korean]

Have a good week!
XOXO Yumeko

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