MARCH 2015 – Japanese Drugstore Sightings

I was supposed to do one of these ‘drugstore sightings’ posts monthly but I have been unwell for quite a while so I was not able to do so. However I am back now (more or less) and here is March’s post!

Disclaimer : Some of these items might not be as new as I think since I haven’t been in store for a while. Please bear with me.
Everything here is limited edition (I know, we have too many in Japan XD)

HADALABO X Hello Kitty

UTENA X KikiLaLa (Little Twin Stars)

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Beauty: LUX LUMINIQUE Shampoo & Conditioner – Sakura Dream LE

Do you believe in No Silicone Shampoos?
I must admit I have given them a try but have not quite fallen for the magic of it all.
Maybe I have just been using the wrong ones and I am always on the hunt for new ones to try.

Here is my latest buy.
LUX LUMINIQUE Shampoo & Conditioner – Sakura Dream LE
It contains Cherry Blossom extract and is only sold for a limited time only.

Outside the box



What I think:
I have only used this for about a week but I know one thing is for certain; I am in love with its scent! Very sad that its a limited edition scent though.
The shampoo lathers amazingly, not something i expect from No Silicone Shampoos. As a matter of fact, it lathers even more than normal shampoos i have used (how is this possible)
The conditioner does not leave my hair as silky as i like it to be but when my hair dries, it does seem quite soft so my verdict is still out on this one.

The non limited edition versions available
Un-stress and Damage Repair


Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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