Review + swatches : Peripera Peri’s Tint Water in Pink Juice and Orange Juice

This is a long overdue review XD
I purchased these almost 7 months ago but did not get round to reviewing till now.
These were my first foray into peripera! I was attracted by the collab they did with korean artist Mari Kim [who did the illustrations here]
FYI i got these on gmarket and the mirror was a freebie they sent along with my order.

They are made in Korea and you should throw them out after 12 months of opening. [i'll be throwing mine out mid next year though i dont think there will be much left by then, i am already down to 1/4 of the bottles]*
*pics were taken when i first received them 7 months ago.

How they look out of the box

3 Orange Juice

2 Pink Juice

– easy to wear [its a tint! no uncomfortable feeling etc]
– cheap
– love the illustrations

– can be bulky to lug around [about the size of nail polish] since they do weigh a bit
– not easy to remove [its a tint]


Overall Thoughts
They did not turn out as pigmented as i thought they would be. I know its a tint but i have used other tints that are far more vibrant. That said, its possibly good that its quite sheer at the same time as you are able to build up on colour. The illustrations alone make them worth purchasing :D

Have a lovely week ahead!!
XOXO Yumeko

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Hello there

Sometimes i forget this is a personal blog.
I’ve been writing beauty reviews, restaurant guides and trip roundups. I forget to write about me XD [or maybe you prefer that]
So i’m going to tell you two things about me lately

1. I saw this lovely being in Yokohama last week [he had two days of concert there. it was amazing] FYI he will be in Osaka mid dec too!
Can we say *swoon*?

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