Roadtrip: Niigata – Sake Testing at Kikizake Bansho 93

Niigata is famous for their sake [and rice and many other things]
Sake in Japanese means alcohol. It does not necessarily mean rice wine. [just fyi]

If you visit Niigata JR station, drop by the newly opened [sort of new, opened earlier this year] Kikizake Bansho 93

There are 93 types of sake here to try [all brewed in niigata of course]

Want to try? First you have to purchase tokens at the desk [right side of this picture]
It is 500yen for 5 tokens [you have to buy them in 5s]
500yen is approx USD$5

You will recieve a little cup like below [you must return it after finishing, do not bring it home XD]

Choose the one you want, place the little cup underneath, put in 1 token and press the button

There are descriptions of each sake next to the vending section [for eg, dryness, sweetness etc]
If you dont know what to choose, you can always rely on the ranking of the day <– what i did
If you cannot read japanese, you can just choose it randomly <– what my husband did

There is a salt tasting corner as well! [another export of niigata]

I had a fun time here. It was interesting to try the sake esp the ones i would normally never buy.
Better yet, you can easily buy a full bottle of what you like later on outside in the store XD
Address: Niigata JR station CoCoLo West Wing 3F

It can be a bit hard to find since its actually inside a souvenir/local produce store , right in the back of it , behind the alcohol section.

Have a great trip :D
XOXO Yumeko

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This Mess, My Stress Part 2 – Filing options

I’m back with the “This Mess, My Stress” series.
Ok its just part 2 of a really long series but at least we are moving along XD
I’m sorry it took me so long but i had some personal issues to deal with for a while [who cares XD!?]

Anyway today’s post is close to my heart.
Regular readers will know i LOVE filing. Its very theraputic to me hahahaha
However sometimes i just dont have the time to do so i have to store my magazine tear outs somewhere.

Sadly its been a while since i found the time to do any filing [or maybe i buy too many magazines]
So my “tear out storage folder” looks like this

And i have a huge stack that dont fit
[yes my folder is cracked too!]

So did i file them all? No i havent hahaha
But i did buy a new “storage folder” and moved everything over
I bought it in LOFT and it fits directly into a filing cabinet too [if u want]
It folds up fairly compact as well. I highly recommend it.

Dont want/need to file? These file holders make excellent bag holders too

They are perfect for bags like clutches that seem to go everywhere
 photo file-1_zps519f47d0.jpg

You can use similar cases in the kitchen too!

Happy packing!
XOXO Yumeko

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