Tokyo Eats: Jongno Korean Restaurant

If you follow my instagram, you would know that i often go out for korean fried chicken late at night.
A lot of you have asked where i go.
Well Shin Okubo aka Korean Town in Tokyo of course!

Here’s one the places I frequently visit : ジョンノ飯店 aka 종로반점 aka Jongno Korean Restaurant.

The menu is extensive to say the least

More choices

And the fried chicken choices…

Of course, plenty of alcoholic options (Yay!)

I have been here several times now so here’s a mish mash of food I have eaten over my visits.

Not as good as the one I had in Bibigo Tokyo but its still good.

Kimichi Cheese Pajeon

Jajiang Fried Rice
I had this for lunch once [i had a craving and dropped in at lunchtime XD] it was sooo good XD~
I have had their jajiangmyeon before and its not as good as this [dont know why]

And the chickennnnnnnnn [you can see plenty of pics on my instagram XD i go really often]

Overall Thoughts
I love this place. The food is authentic and the service is good. The portions are generous though the banchan is a bit weak XD The variety is what i enjoy most of all.This is not on the main shin okubo street which suits me just fine as I dislike crowds and the kpop teenyboppers/fans on the main street [dont get me wrong, i am a fangirl too but if i am just there for food i dont want to deal with the crowd]. Its a block from School Food and a block from Donki Quixote in the opposite direction.
If you are craving korean food in Tokyo, pay this place a visit!


Have a good week

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