SEOUL KOREA: School Food Blooming Mari

Whilst in Seoul, i visited School Food Blooming Mari in Shinsa Seoul.

Strawberry Drink
OMG i love this so much. I drank the entire cup/bottle thing myself.

Cheese Stick

There are so many to choose from here and i think it must be some sort of signature dish since i spot posters for it all over the shop? Anyway i thought it tasted really good.
Btw gimbap isnt sushi. The rice used does not have vinegar in it.

A plate of yummy goodness.
Ok that’s not its official name. I forgot what is called XD
I dont usually eat soondae because no one i know likes to eat it [i personally love it ok XD]
Sooo glad to see it included in this dish. YUMMMY.

Curry Ramen
A collage of things i adore. Fried pork. Check. Curry. Check. INSTANTNOODLES?! CHECK.
I really liked this. I liked this so much i ordered it again when i went to a different school food store. XD

Overall Thoughts
I cannot wait to go back there again! I loved the food and the laid back ambience of the place.
A really nice place to hang out with friends and go on a date!
There is one in Tokyo too [shin okubo of course!] so i’ll have to try to go there soon!

How to get there:
First time i went, i was driven there and second time i went, i took a taxi. So i am probably not helpful in the directions sense. So i’ll just tell you where it is in regards to spots in Garousugil.

Its directly across the street from the Olive Young near to the Starbucks. Here is a photo i took from the restaurant window

Its on the second floor and is above an ILLY’s coffee cafe.schfood-12

Have a lovely week!
XOXO Yumeko

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Valentine’s Day aka Red Day 2014

Its that time of the year again!
In Japan, 14th February is known as Red Day. It is the day where the females give the males chocolates and presents. Usually its a male they like but there are also giri choco [obligatory chocolate] which you give to male friends and male coworkers [given at your disgression of course. you dont have to give either]
The reverse is true on 14th March aka White day. So guys will give girls items on that day.

A lot of times, girls tend to make the chocolate gifts.
As such the stores are full of helpful items/kits/supplies.
Like these Hello Kitty items

More here

Hello kitty collab with Hanabatake my favourite caramel store from Hokkaido

I don’t eat chocolate because i dislike it greatly and i dont cook with it at all. However i do try to put up with it once a year and hence i partook in the annual chocolate making yesterday [with a lot of swearing about how much chocolate stinks XD]

One of the finished products
This is the one i am giving the husband.

Happy Red Day!!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s kudos to May, Midgey and Mish [my triple M girls] for putting up with my whining on google hangout chat as i was making it XD

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