Korea Seoul: 王MAMA (왕마마) Chinese Restaurant

In March I visited Seoul again.
This time round, i was able to catch up with some new friends i made earlier in the year. <3
They asked me what I had wanted to eat and I told them I wanted to eat Jajiangmyun. [black bean noodles]

So here is where they brought me.
王MAMA (왕마마)

TaDaaaaa! My Jajiangmyeon! <3

Seafood Champong (spicy seafood noodles)

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Dried Chilli Shrimp <-- this was the standout. You must try it. The fried dokbokki amongst it was amazing. mama-2

WangMama restaurant is opened by Ms Wang of course. She is Korean of Chinese descent and was amongst the TOP 3 finalists for some cooking show in Korea [i assume its like my kitchen rules or something like that] This explains the good food of course.

She is extremely friendly, even coming by our table to chat with us and take photos too [ i am unable to post these photos since uh..i dont show my face and i dont think my friends would like me to show their faces either].
The most amazing thing was, she spoke a lot of japanese! Turns out she actually lived in Japan when she was younger. Btw she looked amazing for her age [63?! are you kidding me!?]
I couldnt find their webpage but here are the store details.
王MAMA (왕마마)
마포구 서교동 360-14, 서울시
Phone: +82 2-326-0688

I highly recommend a visit!!
XOXO Yumeko

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