Taiwan Taipei : Coffee Alley

Another food related post from Taipei Taiwan.
This time round, i visited the lovely cafe chain – Coffee Alley

Before i came on this trip, the waffles came highly recommended so i simply had to pop in to try
FYI, i visited the branch in ATTFUN near Taipei 101 and i made the reservations over the phone a week ahead of time [i hate to wait]

Fruit tea

Caramel milk tea

Waffles with peanut sauce and condensed milk

Waffles with caramel sauce

The waffles were really good and some of the best ones i ever had! The only problem i had with the place was that it was really noisy XD So do keep this mind if you want to come here on a date XD Not romantic at all haha but the food is good. Do visit!

Happy Eating!
XOXO Yumeko

p.s super thanks to Shinyprettythings for the recommendation!

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