Review + EOTD : O-lens Dolly Wink Gray Circle Lenses From Seoul

O-lens is a chain of contact lens stores in Korea. They can be found in many places.

They have a lot to choose from.

To avoid wasting time in there, its best you think about what colors you want XD

Here are the ones i own
O-lens Dolly Wink Gray Circle Lenses
Btw, DollyWink is a japanese brand but these lenses are not sold in Japan. Don’t ask me why XD

How they look on me

No flash, taken around mid day, natural lighting

Taken much later in the day, night time under artificial light, no flash

Overall Thoughts:
I cannot stress how much I highly highly recommend them. They are incredibly comfortable. The color is light enough to show up yet not too overly fake. The only issue is that i have no idea how to buy them outside of Korea. Next time i am there, i will definitely buy another pair.


Extra: Btw if you look up these contacts in Korean or Korean bbs or even the forum on O-lens webpage itself, you will notice they are famous for being worn by a korean male celebrity.  I’ll just share the photo i found online here.

Baekhyun of EXO fame.

Speaking of circle lenses, look at the ones i spotted here in Japan

Yes, HELLO KITTY contact lenses.

I wouldnt wear them but maybe one of you will?
I found them in Donki Quijote [in case you were wondering]

Happy Shopping!
XOXO Yumeko

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Tokyo Eats : School Food Blooming Mari

For my wedding anniversary this year, due to work and many other commitments, the husband and i were not able to make a trip overseas to celebrate. Instead he surprised me with a visit to School Food here in Tokyo instead [i was crazy excited when i arrived hahahaha]

Spicy Cheese Tteobokki

Gochu Fried Chicken

Kimchi Ramen Jigae


They had a dessert menu i did not try

Overall Thoughts
Sadly i have to tell you its not as good as the store in Korea.
Good news though, its isnt bad. The menu is small but what it does have is good and tastes about the same.
I went around lunchtime and it wasnt crowded. Most likely due to the fact it is in Shin Okubo [Tokyo’s Korean Town] and there are plenty of places selling similar food?
Regardless, if you arent going to korea anytime soon and crave this sorta food, its worth a visit!
Facebook page and map of the one in Tokyo:

The last time i posted about SchoolFood [the one i visited in Seoul] Many of you left comments asking if the one i had gone to here was the one shown in the show EXO SHOWTIME. I had no idea since i never seen the show then but i have since visited the store in Seoul again and now this one in Tokyo. I have finally noticed all the signs hahaha so I’ll answer all of you now.

Yes it is.

have a nice week
XOXO Yumeko

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