Review : DAISO cleansing tissue

One of the most popular posts i have ever written was one on my favorite beauty buys from Daiso (LINK)
Its been two years since i updated that and i think it might be time to revisit it soon
Before i do that, i thought i share one of my fave buys with you.
DAISO cleansing tissue

This item is made in Korea and costs whatever Daiso costs in your country if you have one.


I often use a wet wipe when I am apply my makeup to
1. Clean my fingers/hands if I use them in some way during the process.
2. Clean excess eyeshadow off my brushes before i stash them aside to be washed
3. Clean my eyelash curler after use (it gets gunked up easily)
4. Wipe down the surface of my makeup table when I am done
5. Wipe down makeup cases which get dirty easily (think NARS rubber packaging)

I find using a wet wipe far more useful than using a dry tissue. However since I dont actually use the wipe for anything important, I dont buy anything expensive. Usually its a bulk pack of baby wipes XD
However a year ago, I had to go on a trip and needed a far smaller pack. I looked in Daiso and was oddly attracted to these makeup wipes.
There was a plastic snap lid despite how small the packet was and I far prefer this over the usual sticky top “lid” smaller packets of wet wipes tend to have. Since it was cheap,  I decided to give it a try.

Needless to say, it did everything I needed it to do.
As a matter of fact, it functioned even better than just wet wipes since it was able to clean makeup off my brushes/surfaces/etc far more efficiently.

Being a bit of a snob (sorry) I figured it could not actually be good at removing makeup on my face so I never actually tried. It was also this same reason why I never posted a review. Afterall why would you need a review on what i essentially used as a wet tissue?

Fast forward to 4 months ago, I found myself on yet another holiday trip and I ran out of my HG makeup wipes (BIORE). Not wanting to go out and buy a new pack since it was late and I was due home the next day, I decided to use these which I had on hand readily.

Low and Behold! They work XD
I admit, they don’t remove the most difficult of makeup like my Biore Wipes but they do a very good job (Not only that the instructions do ask that you use eye and lip makeup remover in conjunction so it really does what it promises.)
The tissue is a little harsher on the skin but its not terrible either.
I have used makeup wipes from other brands such as Etude House and Innisfree.
I am here to tell you, this measures up just fine if not better.

Its not HG but if you are here to look for a cheap alternative or just something to use on days you aren’t wearing much makeup? Or perhaps just one more step before using face wash?
This is for you.

Even if you dont wear makeup, makeup removal is required with just sunscreen. its the reason why many ppl breakout as they think they do not have to remove that carefully. Needless to say bbcream is makeup so you have to remove it carefully too
It smells nice and its 108yen (in Japan) for 35 sheets.
Give it a try ^^

Happy Shopping
XOXO Yumeko

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