[Tutorial] [Lifehack] Easy to make travel case for makeup wipes

If you are like me, you probably travel quite a bit. Be it for a long trip or just to get around during the day. In my travels, I have found an easier way to bring my makeup wipes with me rather bringing out the entire container of it. Before you mention it, yes i know travel packs are available but its much cheaper to buy a bulk amount of it and “decant” it yourself. Here’s how i do it!

What you will need

The plastic lid came from DAISO but you can easily use one from a packet of baby wipes. Find one with a plastic lid and “liberate it” XD

Cut a hole in the ziplock bag that is big enough to pull the wipes out but not bigger than your plastic lid

Stick the plastic lid on

Transfer the amount of wipes u need over and that’s it!

Pretty easy isn’t it?
You can use it for baby wipes, wet wipes, tissue paper whatever you can think of! I keep grocery bags in a similar configuration to bring to the store too!
Hope this is useful to someone out there!

Happy Travels
XOXO Yumeko

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My makeup haul from California!

A few months ago [ok it was like May] I went on a two week trip to California. It was a super chill, super relaxing sort of trip but i still managed to pick up a few things. Here they are XD~


Benefit Rollerlash mascara in both brown and black. If you havent tried this, you need to.
MUFE HD powder [compact and loose powder]
Beauty Blender Summer LE set + Tweezerman tweezers

From ELF

I stumbled upon their standalone store in a mall and (randomly) picked up a whole bunch of stuff XD

From NYX

Their standalone store was just around the corner from the ELF store at the mall i visited XD

In case you can’t guess, I am really into matte liquid lipsticks at the moment.

From WetNWild

I cant recall where i bought these XD

From Walmart

Hard Candy! Who remembers this brand and their iconic nail polishes [with the plastic rings]?
I also bought more milani lipsticks but i cant find them right now for the picture sorry but believe me when i tell you its really good! I’ll have to review them soon.

Actually Im overdue for lots of reviews arent i? XD
I’ll try to get back on track soon! let me know if there is anything you want me to review first!
XOXO yumeko

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