Shizuoka Japan : La Pullman Caffe

My pancake craze continues XD

This time a lovely place from Shizuoka Japan (About 2hr drive from Tokyo)

La Pullman Cafe

The interior
It is very small yet always packed. I went at an odd 2pm yet it was full. They will ask to take down your number and call you when a table has become available. I did that and they called me about 45mins later.

I thought it wasnt bad but its not what they are famous for.

On their website, they describe themselves as a 半熟とろけるパンケーキ専門店. That loosely translates into “half cooked and melting pancake speciality store”
Here is the basic pancake (there are fruits and ice-cream options too)
They are not kidding about the melting part! I have never eaten a pancake like this, once u cut into it, the whole thing collapses like a burst balloon. I couldnt even take a photo, it became such a mess i had to finish it with a spoon XD Its very unique but you will definitely stay hungry XD do not share.

Our table spread

If you find yourself in Shizuoka, this is very much worth a visit!
Check out the super cute handmade felted rug by the cashier XD
Website [for directions/address]:

Happy Eating!
XOXO Yumeko

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Hello From Singapore!

Those of you who follow my instagram probably already know this but yes i am in Singapore!
Its a work related trip and I arrived on Friday! Will be here till the end of the week ^^
(Yes i just got back from 3 weeks in Korea 4 days before that hahaha i really haven’t been home in ages XD)

Will attempt to catch up on blog posts when i get back
XOXO Yumeko

p.s to my personal friends, please check my private fb account for details on how to contact me! thanks!

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